Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hey, this really is the environmental president!

Land stewardship, Fuel Cells and cleaner air and water.

Sounds good to me. All that, and the president likes to bicycle as well :)

"I got to spend the first part of my day riding a mountain bike in Napa Valley -- it's a good place to ride. A little hillier than I would have liked. But it's a spectacular way to commune with nature."

I do characterize this administration as an environmentally
friendly one, especially with respect to his campaign recently
to change our oil dependence. Those who are biased against
President Bush will never give credit where credit is due. Even
President Clinton did not make this kind of stride towards oil independence.
The pulpit of the State of the Union Address is one where everyone
who cares to is watching, and that was a major stroke to declare
that we need to remove ourselves from oil dependence, and he
is backing up that rhetoric with action.


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