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Sanders Slams Hillary As Wall Street Puppet

Feel the BERN!

The success of Bernie Sanders (whose campaign boasts that the average donation is just $27, reflecting the grassroots nature of his support) and Donald Trump (who is self funding his campaign and repeatedly reminds voters that no one "owns" him) reflect the electorate's growing frustration with what Americans see as a corrupt political system that's ultimately controlled by lobbyists and entrenched special interests that spend millions to ensure that their agenda gets pushed on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Jeb Bush's abysmal poll numbers also reflect this frustration (Bush's super PAC has taken the most money from Wall Street of any candidate).

At issue is the $14.3 million Clinton has raised from Wall Street through her super PAC and the numerous paid speeches both her and her husband have made for Wall Street firms. Those speeches pay nearly a quarter of a million each and as you can see, there are quite a few of them.

"Since Mrs. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton entered national politics in the early 1990s, Wall Street has contributed more than $100 million to their political campaigns, charitable foundation and personal finances," WSJ wrote late on Thursday. "Financial-services firms accounted for about 12% of the total amount raised by the Clintons during their more than two decades in politics."

Sanders' suggestion that Clinton's ties to the financial industry mean she can't be trusted to fight for Main Street is "an artful smear," the former First Lady insisted during Thursday's debate. "You will not find that I ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation I ever received," she insisted.
Sanders Slams Hillary As Wall Street Puppet Ahead Of Critical New Hampshire Primary

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300 Scientists Sign Letter Opposing Federal Data Fudging Regarding Global Warming

300 Scientists Sign Letter Opposing Federal Data Fudging Regarding Global Warming

Dave Blount Jan 31, 2016
Again and again we are fed the lie that 97% of scientists are going along with the global warming dogma leftists have been using as a device to achieve higher taxes and more centralized control. Why don't they claim that 100% of scientists have been bullied and/or bribed into compliance? Because some scientists are sounding off:

Hundreds of scientists sent a letter to lawmakers Thursday warning National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists may have violated federal laws when they published a 2015 study purporting to eliminate the 15-year "hiatus" in global warming from the temperature record.

"We, the undersigned, scientists, engineers, economists and others, who have looked carefully into the effects of carbon dioxide released by human activities, wish to record our support for the efforts of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology to ensure that federal agencies complied with federal guidelines that implemented the Data Quality Act," some 300 scientists, engineers and other experts wrote to Chairman of the House Science Committee, Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith.

"In our opinion… NOAA has failed to observe the OMB [Office of Management and Budget] (and its own) guidelines, established in relation to the Data Quality Act."

The Data Quality Act requires federal agencies like NOAA to "ensure and maximize the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information, including statistical information."

What kind of climate criminals signed this letter?

Of the 300 letter signers, 150 had doctorates in a related field. Signers also included: 25 climate or atmospheric scientists, 23 geologists, 18 meteorologists, 51 engineers, 74 physicists, 20 chemists and 12 economists. Additionally, one signer was a Nobel Prize winning physicist and two were astronauts.

The scientific malfeasance is too outrageous to let pass.

The NOAA study in dispute claims the scientists found a solution to the 15-year "pause" in global warming. They "adjusted" the hiatus in warming [in] the temperature record from 1998 to 2012 [so that the] "new analysis exhibits more than twice as much warming as the old analysis at the global scale."

As climate expert Bob Tisdale and meteorologist Anthony Watts write,

It's the same story all over again; the adjustments go towards cooling the past and thus increasing the slope of temperature rise.

Their intent and methods are so obvious they're laughable.

Kudos to scientists with the integrity to stand up for reality in the face of tremendous pressure to endorse fiction.

300 Scientists Sign Letter Opposing Federal Data Fudging Regarding Global Warming

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Helicopter Money Arrives: Switzerland To Hand Out $2500 Monthly To All Citizens | Zero Hedge

With Citi's chief economist proclaiming "only helicopter money can save the world now," and the Bank of England pre-empting paradropping money concerns, it appears that Australia's largest investment bank's forecast that money-drops were 12-18 months away was too conservative. While The Finns consider a "basic monthly income" for the entire population, Swiss residents are to vote on a countrywide referendum about a radical plan to pay every single adult a guaranteed income of around $2500 per month, with authorities insisting that people will still want to find a job.

The plan, as The Daily Mail reports, proposed by a group of intellectuals, could make the country the first in the world to pay all of its citizens a monthly basic income regardless if they work or not.  But the initiative has not gained much traction among politicians from left and right despite the fact that a referendum on it was approved by the federal government for the ballot box on June 5.

Under the proposed initiative, each adult would receive $2,500 per months, and each child would also receive 625 francs ($750) a month.
The federal government estimates the cost of the proposal at 208 billion francs ($215 billion) a year.
Around 153 billion francs ($155 bn) would have to be levied from taxes, while 55 billion francs ($60 bn) would be transferred from social insurance and social assistance spending.
That is 30% of GDP!!!

The action committee pushing the initiative consists of artists, writers and intellectuals, including publicist Daniel Straub, former federal government spokesman Oswald Sigg and Zurich rapper Franziska Schläpfer (known as "Big Zis"), the SDA news agency reported. Personalities supporting the bid include writers Adolf Muschg and Ruth Schweikert, philosopher Hans Saner and communications expert Beatrice Tschanz. The group said a new survey showed that the majority of Swiss residents would continue working if the guaranteed income proposal was approved.

'The argument of opponents that a guaranteed income would reduce the incentive of people to work is therefore largely contradicted,' it said in a statement quoted by The Local.
However, a third of the 1,076 people interviewed for the survey by the Demoscope Institute believed that 'others would stop working'.
And more than half of those surveyed (56 percent) believe the guaranteed income proposal will never see the light of day.
The initiative's backers say it aims to break the link between employment and income, with people entitled to guaranteed income regardless of whether they work.

Or put another way - break the link between actually having to work for anything ever again... but maybe this "group of itellentuals" should hark Margaret Thatcher's words that "eventually you run out of other people's money!!"

*  *  *

As we previously detailed, support is growing around the world for such spending to be funded by "People's QE." The idea behind "People's QE" is that central banks would directly fund government spending… and even inject money directly into household bank accounts, if need be. And the idea is catching on.

Already the European Central Bank is buying bonds of the European Investment Bank, an E.U. institution that finances infrastructure projects. And the new leader of Britain's Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is backing a British version of this scheme.
That's the monster coming to towns and villages near you! Call it "overt monetary financing." Call it "money from helicopters." Call it "insane." 
But it won't be unpopular. Who will protest when the feds begin handing our money to "mid- and low-income households"?
Simply put, The Keynesian Endgame is here... as  the only way to avoid secular stagnation (which, for the uninitiated, is just another complicated-sounding, economist buzzword for the more colloquial "everything grinds to a halt") is for central bankers to call in the Krugman Kraken and go full-Keynes.

Rather than buying assets, central banks drop money on the street. Or even better, in a more modern and civilised fashion, credit our bank accounts! That, after all, may be more effective than buying assets, and would not imply the same transfer of wealth as previous or current forms of QE. Indeed, 'helicopter money' can be seen as permanent QE, where the central bank commits to making the increase in the monetary base permanent.

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Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right

Well said!

Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right

And, my dear fellow Republicans, he's all your fault.

About 15 years ago, I said something nasty on CNN about Donald Trump's hair. I can't now remember the context, assuming there was one. In any case, Trump saw it and left a message the next day.

"It's true you have better hair than I do," Trump said matter-of-factly. "But I get more pussy than you do." Click.

At the time, I'd never met Trump and I remember feeling amused but also surprised he'd say something like that. Now the pattern seems entirely familiar. The message had all the hallmarks of a Trump attack: shocking, vulgar and indisputably true.

Not everyone finds it funny. On my street in Northwest Washington, D.C., there's never been anyone as unpopular as Trump. The Democrats assume he's a bigot, pandering to the morons out there in the great dark space between Georgetown and Brentwood. The Republicans (those relatively few who live here) fully agree with that assessment, and they hate him even more. They sense Trump is a threat to them personally, to their legitimacy and their livelihoods. Idi Amin would get a warmer reception in our dog park.

I understand it of course. And, except in those moments when the self-righteous silliness of rich people overwhelms me and I feel like moving to Maine, I can see their points, some of them anyway. Trump might not be my first choice for president. I'm not even convinced he really wants the job. He's smart enough to know it would be tough for him to govern.

But just because Trump is an imperfect candidate doesn't mean his candidacy can't be instructive. Trump could teach Republicans in Washington a lot if only they stopped posturing long enough to watch carefully. Here's some of what they might learn:

He Exists Because You Failed

American presidential elections usually amount to a series of overcorrections: Clinton begat Bush, who produced Obama, whose lax border policies fueled the rise of Trump. In the case of Trump, though, the GOP shares the blame, and not just because his fellow Republicans misdirected their ad buys or waited so long to criticize him. Trump is in part a reaction to the intellectual corruption of the Republican Party. That ought to be obvious to his critics, yet somehow it isn't.

Consider the conservative nonprofit establishment, which seems to employ most right-of-center adults in Washington. Over the past 40 years, how much donated money have all those think tanks and foundations consumed? Billions, certainly. (Someone better at math and less prone to melancholy should probably figure out the precise number.) Has America become more conservative over that same period? Come on. Most of that cash went to self-perpetuation: Salaries, bonuses, retirement funds, medical, dental, lunches, car services, leases on high-end office space, retreats in Mexico, more fundraising. Unless you were the direct beneficiary of any of that, you'd have to consider it wasted.

Pretty embarrassing. And yet they're not embarrassed. Many of those same overpaid, underperforming tax-exempt sinecure-holders are now demanding that Trump be stopped. Why? Because, as his critics have noted in a rising chorus of hysteria, Trump represents "an existential threat to conservatism."

Let that sink in. Conservative voters are being scolded for supporting a candidate they consider conservative because it would be bad for conservatism? And by the way, the people doing the scolding? They're the ones who've been advocating for open borders, and nation-building in countries whose populations hate us, and trade deals that eliminated jobs while enriching their donors, all while implicitly mocking the base for its worries about abortion and gay marriage and the pace of demographic change. Now they're telling their voters to shut up and obey, and if they don't, they're liberal.

It turns out the GOP wasn't simply out of touch with its voters; the party had no idea who its voters were or what they believed. For decades, party leaders and intellectuals imagined that most Republicans were broadly libertarian on economics and basically neoconservative on foreign policy. That may sound absurd now, after Trump has attacked nearly the entire Republican catechism (he savaged the Iraq War and hedge fund managers in the same debate) and been greatly rewarded for it, but that was the assumption the GOP brain trust operated under. They had no way of knowing otherwise. The only Republicans they talked to read the Wall Street Journal too.

On immigration policy, party elders were caught completely by surprise. Even canny operators like Ted Cruz didn't appreciate the depth of voter anger on the subject. And why would they? If you live in an affluent ZIP code, it's hard to see a downside to mass low-wage immigration. Your kids don't go to public school. You don't take the bus or use the emergency room for health care. No immigrant is competing for your job. (The day Hondurans start getting hired as green energy lobbyists is the day my neighbors become nativists.) Plus, you get cheap servants, and get to feel welcoming and virtuous while paying them less per hour than your kids make at a summer job on Nantucket. It's all good.

Apart from his line about Mexican rapists early in the campaign, Trump hasn't said anything especially shocking about immigration. Control the border, deport lawbreakers, try not to admit violent criminals — these are the ravings of a Nazi? This is the "ghost of George Wallace" that a Politico piece described last August? A lot of Republican leaders think so. No wonder their voters are rebelling.

Truth Is Not Only A Defense, It's Thrilling

When was the last time you stopped yourself from saying something you believed to be true for fear of being punished or criticized for saying it? If you live in America, it probably hasn't been long. That's not just a talking point about political correctness. It's the central problem with our national conversation, the main reason our debates are so stilted and useless. You can't fix a problem if you don't have the words to describe it. You can't even think about it clearly.

This depressing fact made Trump's political career. In a country where almost everyone in public life lies reflexively, it's thrilling to hear someone say what he really thinks, even if you believe he's wrong. It's especially exciting when you suspect he's right.

A temporary ban on Muslim immigration? That sounds a little extreme (meaning nobody else has said it recently in public). But is it? Millions of Muslims have moved to Western Europe over the past 50 years, and a sizable number of them still haven't assimilated. Instead, they remain hostile and sometimes dangerous to the cultures that welcomed them. By any measure, that experiment has failed. What's our strategy for not repeating it here, especially after San Bernardino—attacks that seemed to come out of nowhere? Invoke American exceptionalism and hope for the best? Before Trump, that was the plan.

Republican primary voters should be forgiven for wondering who exactly is on the reckless side of this debate. At the very least, Trump seems like he wants to protect the country.

Evangelicals understand this better than most. You read surveys that indicate the majority of Christian conservatives support Trump, and then you see the video: Trump on stage with pastors, looking pained as they pray over him, misidentifying key books in the New Testament, and in general doing a ludicrous imitation of a faithful Christian, the least holy roller ever. You wonder as you watch this: How could they be that dumb? He's so obviously faking it.

They know that already. I doubt there are many Christian voters who think Trump could recite the Nicene Creed, or even identify it. Evangelicals have given up trying to elect one of their own. What they're looking for is a bodyguard, someone to shield them from mounting (and real) threats to their freedom of speech and worship. Trump fits that role nicely, better in fact than many church-going Republicans. For eight years, there was a born-again in the White House. How'd that work out for Christians, here and in Iraq?

Tucker Carlson is editor in chief of the Daily Caller.

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Rendell throwing his hate in for Hillary Clinton

Rendell throwing his hate in for Hillary Clinton

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New bird - Himalayan forest thrush - discovered in India

A new species of forest thrush has been discovered in a remote region of northeastern India, making it only the fourth new bird discovered in the country since independence in 1947.

The bird, called the Himalayan forest thrush Zoothera salimalii, is similar in appearance to the raspy singing plain-backed thrush Zoothera mollissima. But the Himalayan thrush's melodic song and its penchant to favor dense coniferous forests with good undergrowth suggested it could be a new species.

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Trump 2016 with Palin on his jet

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The Smallest Google Street View in Miniatur Wunderland

The Smallest Google Street View in Miniatur Wunderland

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SOTU 2016: Global Warming Gets 5 Mentions – Iranian Hostages Get 0 Mentions

SOTU 2016: Global Warming Gets 5 Mentions – Iranian Hostages Get 0 Mentions

Jim Hoft Jan 12th, 2016 8:24 pm 16 Comments

Tonight was Barack Obama's final State of the Union Address.

Barack Obama spent several minutes pushing the global warming.
Obama spent no time talking about the US sailors being held hostage by Iran.

Tally: Climate Change: 5 mentions. Iranian Hostages: 0 mentions.

— Dan Joseph (@DanJoseph78) January 13, 2016

American Sailor Captured by Iran Video. Through source

— Summi Gull (@summi_gull) January 13, 2016

And, for the record, renewable energy consists of less than 7% of US energy consumption.

Why not mention in the State of the Union address the 10 sailors being held by Iran? WH senior official says:

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) January 13, 2016

That's What We're Worried About

And it's now $19 TRILLION in debt

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Donald Trump Brings Back The “Reagan Coalition”…

Trump wins in a landslide!

Hillary and Jeb's Nightmare – Donald Trump Brings Back The "Reagan Coalition"…

In the spring of 1976 Presidential Candidate and "outsider" Ronald Reagan lost a close race for the Republican ... read more

Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution

This is tyranny by the Federal Government and the BLM!
Its ridiculous

Full Story on What's Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…
Posted by sundance

Many people will awaken today to the news of approximately 100 to 150 armed militia taking control of a closed Wildlife Park Headquarters, and not know the full back-story – so here it is:

The short summary is:  in an effort to draw attention to a ridiculous arrest of a father and son pair of Oregon Ranchers ("Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond, 46,) who are scheduled to begin five year prison sentences (turning themselves in tomorrow January 4th 2016), three brothers from the Cliven Bundy family and approximately 100/150 (and growing) heavily armed militia (former U.S. service members) have taken control of Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters in the wildlife reserve.  They are prepared to stay there indefinitely.

Here's the long version: including history, details, links video(s) and explanations:

Hammond Family

HISTORY: (aa) The Harney Basin (were the Hammond ranch is established) was settled in the 1870's. The valley was settled by multiple ranchers and was known to have run over 300,000 head of cattle. These ranchers developed a state of the art irrigated system to water the meadows, and it soon became a favorite stopping place for migrating birds on their annual trek north.

(ab) In 1908 President Theodor Roosevelt, in a political scheme, create an "Indian reservation" around the Malheur, Mud & Harney Lakes and declared it "as a preserve and breeding ground for native birds". Later this "Indian reservation" (without Indians) became the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

(a) In 1964 the Hammonds purchased their ranch in the Harney Basin. The purchase included approximately 6000 acres of private property, 4 grazing rights on public land, a small ranch house and 3 water rights. The ranch is around 53 miles South of Burns, Oregon.

(a1) By the 1970's nearly all the ranches adjacent to the Blitzen Valley were purchased by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and added to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge covers over 187,000 acres and stretches over 45 miles long and 37 miles wide. The expansion of the refuge grew and surrounds to the Hammond's ranch. Being approached many times by the FWS, the Hammonds refused to sell. Other ranchers also choose not to sell.

(a2) During the 1970's the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), took a different approach to get the ranchers to sell. Ranchers were told that, "grazing was detrimental to wildlife and must be reduced". 32 out of 53 permits were revoked and many ranchers were forced to leave. Grazing fees were raised significantly for those who were allowed to remain. Refuge personnel took over the irrigation system claiming it as their own.

(a3) By 1980 a conflict was well on its way over water allocations on the adjacent privately owned Silvies Plain. The FWS wanted to acquire the ranch lands on the Silvies Plain to add to their already vast holdings. Refuge personnel intentional diverted the water to bypassing the vast meadowlands, directing the water into the rising Malheur Lakes. Within a few short years the surface area of the lakes doubled. Thirty-one ranches on the Silvies plains were flooded. Homes, corrals, barns and graze-land were washed a way and destroyed. The ranchers that once fought to keep the FWS from taking their land, now broke and destroyed, begged the FWS to acquire their useless ranches. In 1989 the waters began to recede and now the once thriving privately owned Silvies pains are a proud part of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge claimed by the FWS.

(a4) By the 1990's the Hammonds were one of the very few ranchers that still owned private property adjacent to the refuge. Susie Hammond in an effort to make sense of what was going on began compiling fact about the refuge. In a hidden public record she found a study that was done by the FWS in 1975. The study showed that the "no use" policies of the FWS on the refuge were causing the wildlife to leave the refuge and move to private property. The study showed that the private property adjacent to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge produced 4 times more ducks and geese than the refuge did. It also showed that the migrating birds were 13 times more likely to land on private property than on the refuge. When Susie brought this to the attention of the FWS and refuge personnel, her and her family became the subjects of a long train of abuses and corruptions.

(b) In the early 1990's the Hammonds filed on a livestock water source and obtained a deed for the water right from the State of Oregon. When the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) found out that the Hammonds obtained new water rights near the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge, they were agitated and became belligerent and vindictive towards the Hammonds. The US Fish and Wildlife Service challenged the Hammonds right to the water in an Oregon State Circuit Court. The court found that the Hammonds legally obtained rights to the water in accordance to State law and therefore the use of the water belongs to the Hammonds.*

(c) In August 1994 the BLM & FWS illegally began building a fence around the Hammonds water source. Owning the water rights and knowing that their cattle relied on that water source daily the Hammonds tried to stop the building of the fence. The BLM & FWS called the Harney County Sheriff department and had Dwight Hammond (Father) arrested and charged with "disturbing and interfering with" federal officials or federal contractors (two counts, each a felony). He spent one night in the Deschutes County Jail in Bend, and a second night behind bars in Portland before he was hauled before a federal magistrate and released without bail. A hearing on the charges was postponed and the federal judge never set another date.

(d) The FWS also began restricting access to upper pieces of the Hammond's private property. In order to get to the upper part of the Hammond's ranch they had to go on a road that went through the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge. The FWS began barricading the road and threatening the Hammonds if they drove through it. The Hammonds removed the barricades and gates and continued to use their right of access. The road was proven later to be owned by the County of Harney. This further enraged the BLM & FWS.

(e) Shortly after the road & water disputes, the BLM & FWS arbitrarily revoked the Hammond's upper grazing permit without any given cause, court proceeding or court ruling. As a traditional "fence out state" Oregon requires no obligation on the part of an owner to keep his or her livestock within a fence or to maintain control over the movement of the livestock. The Hammonds intended to still use their private property for grazing. However, they were informed that a federal judge ruled, in a federal court, that the federal government did not have to observe the Oregon fence out law. "Those laws are for the people, not for them".

(f) The Hammonds were forced to either build and maintain miles of fences or be restricted from the use of their private property. Cutting their ranch in almost half, they could not afford to fence the land, so the cattle were removed.

(g) The Hammonds experienced many years of financial hardship due to the ranch being diminished. The Hammonds had to sale their ranch and home in order to purchase another property that had enough grass to feed their cattle. This property included two grazing rights on public land. Those were also arbitrarily revoked later.

(h) The owner of the Hammond's original ranch passed away from a heart attack and the Hammonds made a trade for the ranch back.

(i) In the early fall of 2001, Steven Hammond (Son) called the fire department, informing them that he was going to be performing a routine prescribed burn on their ranch. Later that day he started a prescribed fire on their private property. The fire went onto public land and burned 127 acres of grass. The Hammonds put the fire out themselves. There was no communication about the burn from the federal government to the Hammonds at that time. Prescribed fires are a common method that Native Americans and ranchers have used in the area to increase the health & productivity of the land for many centuries.

(j) In 2006 a massive lightning storm started multiple fires that joined together inflaming the countryside. To prevent the fire from destroying their winter range and possibly their home, Steven Hammond (Son) started a backfire on their private property. The backfire was successful in putting out the lightning fires that had covered thousands of acres within a short period of time. The backfire saved much of the range and vegetation needed to feed the cattle through the winter. Steven's mother, Susan Hammond said: "The backfire worked perfectly, it put out the fire, saved the range and possibly our home".

(j1) The next day federal agents went to the Harney County Sheriff's office and filled a police report making accusation against Dwight and Steven Hammond for starting the backfire. A few days after the backfire a Range-Con from the Burns District BLM office asked Steven if he would meet him in town (Frenchglen) for coffee. Steven accepted. When leaving he was arrested by the Harney County S

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PAPER: Elites and media really hate Trump voters...


PAPER: Elites and media really hate Trump voters ... read more

Even lame-duck Obama has waded in, cheekily blaming "economic stresses" and flatlining wages for Trump's groundswell. "Particularly, blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain that they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck . . . Somebody like Mr. Trump is taking advantage of that."

Webb Attacks Clinton With Eye on Independent Run

Way to go Webb!

Webb Attacks Clinton With Eye on Independent Run
If he declared an outsider presidential bid, the former Democratic candidate could have an outsize effect on the race.
  Ben Brody

December 26, 2015 — 3:26 PM EST 

When Jim Webb quit the Democratic presidential race on Oct. 20 amid low poll numbers and a minimal debate presence, the former Virginia senator left open the possibility he'd return for a White House run in a different political guise. Now he appears to be edging closer to making good on it. 
On Saturday morning, Webb used Twitter and his Facebook page to attack Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for her handling of Libya during her time as secretary of state.

The lengthy condemnation on Facebook, which said, among other things that "Clinton should be called to account for her inept leadership that brought about the chaos in Libya," came just days before the end of the year, which his team had previously told CNN would be reasonable time for them to make a decision about an independent bid.
Since dropping out of the race for the Democratic nomination, Webb has continued to maintain his Webb2016 website, which he has updated with posts about the possibilities of an independent run. On Twitter, he and his fans have been promoting a #WebbNation hashtag.
A run by Webb, who often manages his own social media accounts and has also used them recently to promote a petition in favor of his run and to deliver kudos to Bernie Sanders in his battles with the Democratic National Committee ("nothing more than an arm for the Clinton campaign," Webb tweeted), could further complicate the already unpredictable 2016 election.
While observers typically have analyzed the prospect of a third-party or independent run by Republican front-runner Donald Trump — or even one from Sanders — Webb could still alter the dynamics of the race even with his smaller profile.
A recent CNN poll, for instance, forecast tight races between Clinton and several Republican contenders in hypothetical match-ups for the general election. Webb's campaign has told Bloomberg it would concentrate on mobilizing voters in the ideological middle, along with people who have become dissatisfied with politics.
In a tight race, even a small base of support could make him a factor. Ralph Nader, for instance, famously won only small percentages of the vote in many states in the 2000 presidential election, yet that arguably helped tip the Electoral College vote to then-Texas Governor George W. Bush, denying Democratic Vice President Al Gore, the winner of the popular vote, the presidency. 
Webb could also get a boost from the organizers of the general election debates, who are preparing for the possibility of three candidates onstage, albeit ones who thus far, have managed to command far more support than Webb the roughly one percent of Democratic support Webb managed to muster by the time he quote the race.
There's no ensuring that Webb would be a spoiler for Clinton even as he attacks her. Although he ran as a Democrat to serve in the Senate, he is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who also served for a time as President Reagan's secretary of the navy and has won conservative plaudits. Even Saturday's attack echoed the talking points of Republican candidates and groups.
His public statements, meanwhile, have focused economic populism and breaking the monopoly of the two-party system.
Despite the apparent escalation of his interest in an independent bid and his aides previously stated interest in making Webb's intentions known by the beginning of 2016, history suggests he could toy with voters for quite some time. Webb missed his own self-imposed deadline for getting into the Democratic race and blatantly disregarded conventional wisdom on political timing when finally declared hours before the beginning of the July 4 holiday.
In addition, the earliest state deadline for submitting signatures for an independent presidential run is May 9 in Texas, according to Ballot Access News. Given that most filing deadlines occur in August, Webb's post-Christmas social activity could be another trial balloon.
Craig Crawford, a top aide on the small campaign, did not immediately return request for comment on Saturday on the prospect that Webb is planning an imminent return to the race, nor did a Clinton spokesman respond to the attack.
Crawford, though, told Bloomberg in October that he has been studying the Nader playbook and that an outsider bid is easier than it was 15 years ago but still "requires a lot more multitasking."
Yet the main question was the feasibility of that multitasking, including primarily gathering signatures to get on the ballot, rather than Webb's belief in his message, Crawford added.
"Are we comfortable that there's actually a chance to get on enough ballots to actually have a mathematical chance?" Crawford said the campaign was asking. "Jim's not going to do this as a protest thing."
©2015 Bloomberg L.P. All Rights Reserved

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BREAKING: Suspect arrested after leaving suspicious packages

BREAKING: Suspect arrested after leaving suspicious packages


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Trump Is Finished

Previously Discussed "COLD ANGER"  Today's Article: TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE ANGRY

Bluto's List of Failed Talking Points: "Trump Is Finished"

The Latest:

*Lindsey Graham drops out! All his Base Belongs To Jeb! Trump is toast.

*Obama takes time out from golfing to drop a big pile of "Racist p0op" on Trump's supporters. Demonizing Americans is always a smart move. Trump is done.

*Trump isn't begging for $$$ = HE'S BROKE!!! OMG! Trump has no money!!!

*Hillary claims Isis is spontaneously recruiting in reaction to a Trump YouTube video. Susan Rice goes into hiding, screaming "Not this again!".

*Congress deploys the annual last-minute Giant Trillion Dollar Middle Finger to Americans yet again. Everything is under control in DC, nobody could possible want Trump now.

*Putin endorses Trump. Democrat's heads explode with worry that they'll lose the coveted Communist Voter Base. Trump is Finished.

*Trump mistakenly thinks it's better to get along with Russia & accepts Putin's praise. World War Three advocates promptly denounce Trump as evil

*Jeb! puts on his best Mr. Rodgers Sweater, Hulks-out & shouts, "Donald Trump is a Jerk" – tens of people rise up & give him the obligatory golf clap response.

*Journalists roll out the Putin Kills Journalists meme in a effort to get Trump to stop beating them like a Red-headed Step-child. The plan backfires spectacularly & the beatings continue. Americans love affair with journalists will destroy Trump, right?

*John Kasich deploys the devastating whirlwind of his Kung-Fu Hands 100% during the debate. Nobody can survive his Karate Chops – even Trump.

*Trump's poll numbers climb yet again after the debate. He's definitely finished this time.

*Trump has peaked. He'll slowly fall off and quit. He's finished.

trump rally michigan

He won't run

He's not serious

He has funny hair, we hate funny hair

Bankruptcy!!! OH NOES! (pretend it's not legal, mmmkay?)

He won't file his candidacy papers

He's never held public office. He can't win.

He won't connect with the voters

He's finished if he doesn't apologize to Univision

He's finished if he doesn't apologize to Nascar

He's finished if he doesn't apologize to Macy's

He's finished if he doesn't apologize to ESPN

He's finished if he doesn't apologize to McCain

He's finished if he doesn't apologize on demand, period.

He'll never poll well. He's finished.

He'll never lead in the polls. He's finished.

He'll never file his financials. He's finished.

He's offended all veterans. He's finished.

He thinks raping his wife is dandy. He's finished.

Some contrived, bizzaro crap about breastfeeding. WTF?

He's against Amnesty. He's finished.

He's for Amnesty. He's finished.

Just scream Amnesty…it'll dazzle everybody

He doesn't really want to be President. He's finished.

He said stuff about blood! OMG OMG! He's finished!

He'll be exposed in the debates and fail miserably. He's finished.

Frank Luntz said Trump has collapsed. He's finished.

Redstate claims he won't make it to Iowa. He's finished.

George Will says Trump can't sit down to tea & talk to voters. Finished!

He's offended all women. He's finished.

He's just a carnival barker. He's finished.

He won't last,he's done after tomorrow… week…err…next month

He can't defeat Bush, He's finished.

He can't beat Hillary ,it's already been decided

He's finished if he doesn't apologize to Megyn Kelly

He falsely claimed he's Batman. He's Finished.

He insulted Mexicans again by beating up poor Jorge Ramos

He's not a REAL conservative (in Spanish!), He's finished.

Repeat the lie that he want's single payer healthcare. He's Finished!

He won't sign the Pledge. He's a jerk. He's finished.

He DID sign the Pledge. He's a jerk.. He's finished.

He thinks Candidates should speak English! OH THE HORROR! Finished.

He failed the Hugh Hewitt Trivia Quiz of Crap

Foreign policy is much more important than immigration. Trump is finished.

His 5 second comment re: Syrian Refugees = Detailed Amnesty Policy!

He joked about Carly's face! OMG OMG OMG. He's finished!

He won't apologize to Carly. He's Finished.

He won't apologize to Carson. He's Finished.

He can't win without the Evangelicals. He's Finished.

Bobby Jindal called him names. He's Finished.

Ben Carson questions Trump's faith. OMG! He's finished.

The country wants a Minister not a CEO. He's Finished!

Scott Walker drops out. This is bad for Trump. He's finished!,

Greg Gutfield thinks Trump is a clown. He's Finished!

His poll numbers are down. He's still in the lead. He's Finished!

Trump won't give us details. He's finished!

Trump releases 2nd Amend policy details. Ignore it! He's finished!

He's finished if he doesn't apologize to all Muslims.

Carly won the debate. His poll numbers are down. He's finished!

Trump fatigue is upon the electorate. He's Finished!

Some random dude said "Obama is a Muslim". It's Trump's fault.

Trump MUST apologize for random "Obama is a Muslim" dude

He's finished if he won't apologize to Jeb!s wife

George Will declares Trump a crybaby, uses the word "apogee". finished.

Trump legally hired seasonal workers. It was legal! That's wrong! He's toast.

CNN says his rallies are actually poorly attended. Oh dear! He's done.

Trump called Rubio a clown. Clowns everywhere are offended. He's finished.

He won't go on FoxNews, He's Finished!

He acts brash and immature on Twitter. He's finished!

The Donald has the temerity to shout the word bullsh** on live TV. OMG! Done.

Trump refused to partake in the fleecing scam by the Hispanic CofC. He's finished.

Romney declares Trump will not be nominee. Mitt's an expert loser, he knows.

Trump says Putin can take out Isis. Trump should stop him! We can't have that.

Oh no! Trump's back on Fox News. He caved. He's a whiner. He's Finished.

He doesn't have a Tax Plan. He's Finished!

He DOES have a Tax Plan! He's Finished!

He's stolen Jeb!s Tax Plan. It's good? It's bad? We don't know, but it's stolen.

Trump's Tax Plan is will raise the debt by Trillions. Freak out! Freak out!

He's for single payer healthcare. Repeat the lie again. He's finished.

Trump alienates Republicans with his Tax Plan. He's Toast.

Trump's a dope, he loves the Pope. He's gone.

Rich Lowry claims The Donald's had his balls cut off. Trump is done.

Trump rally illinois 4

NY Times claims Trump's campaign hats are so ugly that only Hipsters will wear them as a symbol of their superior sense of irony. Good God, if Hipsters don't like Trump, he'll NEVER win! He's finished.

The Donald admits if he somehow was able to poll as horribly as Graham, Jindal, Christie, Gilmore, Perry, Walker, Kasich, Santorum, Pataki & Huckabee combined, he would exit the race. Brilliant Mathematician Chuck Todd concluded that polling consistently 10 times those candidate's numbers means Trump is quitting tomorrow.

Trump claims our Govt actually collected intelligence as far back as 2001! They even had intel before Sept. 11th. No way! That's Crazy!

Trump took donations from the public & not lobbyists! OMG! He's a fake!

Trump claims Dubya was actually the President in 2001. Crazy!

Crazy Trump claims Bush was actually POTUS & compels Jeb! to denounce Trump. nobody can survive the wrath of a Bush. He's finished.

George Will goes bonkers. Debunks Trump & Snidely claims TVs are actually made in America (even though they're not). Will mocks Trump. Trump is done.

Trump's led the polls nearly every day for almost 4 months. He can't sustain that type of success. He's finished.

Cruz says he thinks he'll get the nomination. Breaking news! A candidate wants to win and actually says so. This can only mean Trump is done.

Jeb! staffer & Ginger Groupie Actress conspires with CNN to push the "War on Woman" narrative. Trump is taken out yet again by an angry Bimbo. The Horror.

Trump melted down in Iowa Speech. He's Done

He made fun of poor delicate flower Ben Carson. He's finished.

Trump lost the debate. Everybody else is Surging! Toast.

Trump said "bomb the $h** out of 'em" in public! OMG OMG. Finished

Trump made John Harwood lie on national TV. He's finished.

Carson is surging! Carson top of the polls! Trump is finished.

Jeb rolls out "Jeb Can Fix It" Ruh Roh! He's serious. Trump is out.

Hillary had a great day lying to Congress! She's a winner. Trump is done.

Trump can't win without the Lying Leftist Reporter voting bloc. He's Finished.

Trump insulted a reporter with a disability.WHAT? The HORROR!!!

Kasich did some ads. OMG! Advertisements! Those are unheard of in an election!

Trump can't take Advertisements…..OMG they're on TV too!!! He's DOOMED

Ted Cruz surged to 12%. Crap! Trump is only at 38%! What will he do?

Raging "Black Life Matters" Idiot goes wacko at Trump Rally. Obviously Trump's
fault. Trump is a big meany for allowing idiots to be idiots. He's finished.

Trump claims Waterboarding is useful. Lindsey Graham counters with support for Snowboarding. Trump is finished.

Trump outrageously claims that French people should be able to defend themselves using…oh dear…GUNS. How crazy? Self defense? NO WAY!

Trump is a Database loving Nazi! Everybody say it: Nazi! He's Finished!

WH Spokesman goes 100% Presidential & Insults Trump's Hair. We've gone full circle! We are now back to THE HAIR!! Recycled Talking Point of DOOM!

Trump has successfully united the DEMS, the GOP, The Media & Islam. Nobody has ever done that before, he's doomed.

One week after 14 People are slaughtered by Muslims, the Media & DC join hands and decide Trump is a bigger Enemy to Americans than a murderous cult of Jihadists heII bent on our destruction. That's gonnawork. He's done.

All the King's Media & All the King's Politicians collectively freak out over Trump's claim that we should protect our Citizens from Islamic Terror. Even Humpty Dumpty pooped his pants with panic.

Paul Ryan demands Trump drop from the Race. That will happen, right?

Lindsey Graham "Mr. Zero %" tells Trump to Go to HeII. Trump says he doesn't have time for a Christmas Party in California right now.

Paul Ryan takes a break from selling out our country to tell us how The Donald is Horrible. Trump withers.

Trump prefers to stop our Islamic Enemies from entering the country rather than curtailing American's rights. He's Finished!

Trump claims that Islamic Terrorists have a problem assimilating in our
society and makes all of DC & the media wet it's pants.

Trump thinks maybe we should have Muslim Control instead of Gun Control.

Trump makes the mistake of actually refers to Islamic Terror by using the words "Islamic Terror". He can't do that!

Trump goes Full Capt. Obvious: Claims terrorist's Mom who shared bomb-making
residence with Farook-McBoomy-Beard must have known stuff was goin' down.

Trump wants to get serious about Islamic Terrorists by going after the poor innocent family members who enable their Jihad Plans. The left collectively wets their pants, blame Trump for the urine smell. He's finished.

Trump is going to start WW3! Everybody panic! He's out!

Trump dares to say Muslims were celebrating 9-11. What? Muslims hate America? That's just so kooky & crazy! Trump is insane. Muslims love us!

GOP Establishment leaders claim Trump is finished in a memo that pleads for

GOP Establishment to study Trump because he's Winning. Wat????

He's Finished.

trump brilliant

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

0bama Phone Home

Ever get the feeling that Obama just doesn't care any more? That he's mailing it in?

Trump: Turn the Cameras

Turn the cameras, show everyone how many people come to these rallies.

Thank you, that's the first time they've ever done that. 
Because what's going on is amazing.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pan the crowds

Yesterday we shared a comment/question about Frank Luntz's focus group motives and intents.  KathyCA, a brilliant mind, shared some common sense in that regard, and deserves expansion:

Absolutely.  One of the main reasons Trump has such yuge support, imo, is because he's taken on the media and the GOPe on behalf of the average citizen who thinks the way he does but has become afraid to say so.

Like the CTH, he makes people realize they are NOT in a tiny, vulgar, misguided minority — indeed, they're not a minority at all. They've just been brainwashed to think so.

So Trump says "pan the crowds" — you're not alone! And Luntz tries to do the same in the opposite direction. Thankfully, Luntz's efforts haven't been effective, to say the least. (link)

trump rally tennessee 2

Kathyca is 100% spot on.  Donald Trump says to the media "pan the crowds", not because he wants to inflate his own ego or following, but rather because he needs YOU to see the visible representation that YOUR opinions and beliefs are widely held.

Trump is countering the MSM narrative which wants YOU to believe YOUR opinions are in the minority, and THEIR opinions as delivered are the MAJORITY.  This is how the corporate media influence you.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

America First -- or World War III – Patrick J. Buchanan

You share Trump's foreign policy goals... read on.

America First — or World War III
By Patrick J. Buchanan

"If you're in favor of World War III, you have your candidate."

So said Rand Paul, looking directly at Gov. Chris Christie, who had just responded to a question from CNN's Wolf Blitzer as to whether he would shoot down a Russian plane that violated his no-fly zone in Syria.

"Not only would I be prepared to do it, I would do it," blurted Christie: "I would talk to Vladimir Putin … I'd say to him, 'Listen, Mr. President, there's a no-fly zone in Syria; you fly in, it applies to you.'

"Yes, we would shoot down the planes of Russian pilots if in fact they were stupid enough to think that this president was the same feckless weakling … we have in the Oval Office … right now."

Ex-Gov. George Pataki and ex-Sen. Rick Santorum would also..

These warhawks apparently assume that President Putin is a coward who, if you shoot down his warplanes, will back away from a fight.

Are we sure? After the Turks shot down that Sukhoi SU-24, Moscow sent fighter planes to Syria to escort its bombers and has reportedly deployed its lethal S-300 antiaircraft system there.

A U.S. Marine Corps aviator describes the S-300: "A complete game changer for all fourth-gen aircraft [like the F-15, F-16 and F/A-18]. That thing is a beast and you don't want to get near it." There are press reports that an angry Putin has ordered the even more advanced S-400 system moved into Syria.

Is Putin bluffing? Are we prepared to ride the up-escalator, at the top of which is nuclear war, if Putin, who has been boasting of his modernized nuclear forces, is also willing to ride it rather than back down?

Uber-hawk Lindsey Graham wants to send tens of thousands of American troops to fight ISIS, and refuses to work with Iran, Russia, or Syria's Bashar Assad to crush our common enemy ISIS.

Graham prefers "allies," like the Saudis and Gulf Arabs.

But both have bailed out of the air war on ISIS, and sent troops and bombers instead to attack the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Result: The Houthis have been in retreat and al-Qaida and ISIS are moving into the vacated territory.

Another Mideast base camp for terrorists is being created — by us.

"I miss George W. Bush!" wailed Graham in the undercard debate.

How many other Americans are, like Graham, pining for the return of a Bush foreign policy that gave us Barack Obama?

Yet, now, a rival school is taking center stage in the Republican presidential campaign, rejecting the knee-jerk hostility to working with Putin. Not only does Rand Paul belong to this school, so, apparently, do Donald Trump and his strongest challenger, Sen. Ted Cruz.

Cruz had previously disparaged the legacy of the "neocons" who prodded Bush into war in Iraq and championed a democracy crusade in the Middle East. In Las Vegas, he spoke of a new national-interest-based foreign policy, a policy that puts "America First."

"If we topple Assad … ISIS will take over Syria, and it will worsen national security interests. And the approach — instead of being … a democracy promoter, we ought to hunt down our enemies and kill ISIS rather than creating opportunities for ISIS to control new countries."

Cruz rejects the Manichaean worldview of the neocons and their reflexive hostility to Russia, and appears willing to work with a Russian autocrat to crush a monstrous evil like ISIS, as U.S. presidents did in working with anti-Communist dictators to win the Cold War.

Midway through the debate, Trump cut loose with a sweeping indictment of mindless American interventionism in the Middle East:

"We've spent $4 trillion trying to topple various people that, frankly, if they were there and if we could have spent that $4 trillion in the United States to fix our roads, our bridges, and all of the other problems — our airports and all the other problems we have — we would have been a lot better off. …

"We have done a tremendous disservice not only to the Middle East — we've done a tremendous disservice to humanity. The people that have been killed, the people that have been wiped away — and for what? It's not like we had victory. It's a mess. The Middle East is totally destabilized, a total and complete mess. I wish we had the 4 trillion dollars or 5 trillion dollars. I wish it were spent right here in the United States on schools, hospitals, roads, airports, and everything else that are all falling apart!"

If we do not want Syria in 2016 to become what Sarajevo became in 1914, the powder keg that explodes into a world war, the War Party Republicans, who have learned nothing from the past, should be relegated to the past.

Merry Christmas!

Great Again!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Build a wall

I built a wall. This was a big beautiful large wooded fenced in area around my house so that my greyhound does not escape. But she gets away at least once a month anyway, at first because of weaknesses in the wall, and later, once I reinforce those, she finds gate-mishaps, where someone inadvertently leaves the gate ajar. 

So I go trudging through my hundred acre wood trying to catch her, and being a greyhound she's way faster than me, of course. My only hope is that it's daytime (she's black) and she stops often to sniff and explore the ground. And when I finally trap her in a stand of snags and fallen trees, I walk her way back home. 

Yet my adventure isn't over  because the eastern woods here are strewn with ticks from the deer. So we have to spend an hour, both of us, looking for ticks and ridding ourselves of them. And when one gets past my hunt, it bites me and is hard to remove, it's very painful and itchy. So I go to the doctor's to get antibiotics as a precaution against Lyme's disease, which I only pray and hope actually works. And the dog, I hope she's ok, she's got all her shots and I often apply ointment that rids her of fleas and ticks. 

Yet I know if she gets out the fenced in area, she'd surely take that opportunity again. Oh, and the wall, that's to keep her in, and to keep the deer out. And I'll have the deer pay for it.

[response to a story here: