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Global Warming is a LIE!


brain washed sheeple

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Dem's budget deficit just for the month of October, at $127 billion, was larger than the deficit for the entire 2007 Fiscal Year (the last budget authored by a Republican president and Congress.)

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Entertaining story of bias at MSNBC

This is bizarre how this obviously biased MSNBC reporter tries to talk a 17 year old out of her opinion and her position...

The reporter tries to push some made up story of how Palin was for the Bailout.

The most that could be true about that was that McCain was for the Bailout, and McCain forced Palin into a dubious short term position. Palin was and is a better candidate for president than McCain, Obama and Biden combined, by far.

What is really refreshing is the 17 year old, who holds firm in her principles and stands by her own convictions! I'm glad she will be voting for Palin in 2012, so will I. I'll vote early and I'll vote often!

Can't the young girl just get her book signed without being interrogated by MSNBC? Is she supposed to know about the bailout? Good Grief....
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MSNBC Correspondent verbally accosts 17-year old girl at Grand Rapids Book Signing


Ram it down our throat in 09 - we'll shove it up your ass in 10

Very funny!
and true

Get the Lawyers out of the Doctor's Office



Dems: Breast Cancer, no problem, don't get a test, just die

Hey Dude,
What does your wife think about the latest snake-oil gimmick of the Demonrats?

They are saying that people under 50 shouldn't get breast cancer tests every year, and that's their way of rationing. Now it is a recommendation, but if Obamacare goes into effect, it will become a mandate. I heard that 9000 women a year in PA are diagnosed with breast cancer, and many of them are under 50. I know someone who is 45, was found to have early cancer, and was successfully treated. She used to complain about having to pay for health insurance. Not any more. Many others opt to buy big screen TVs instead of health care.  What a stupid choice.  I suspect that quite a few of the so-called have-nots, who don't have insurance, DO have big screen TVs.

That's your lovely government for you. Hope and Change, and Death Panels. But to be sure, government doesn't care about your health, they only want to control your lives.

   "There's no political agenda with regard to these recommendations."

Yea, right!
New guidelines for cervical cancer screening say women should delay their first Pap test until age 21, and be screened less often than recommended in the past.

The advice, from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, is meant to decrease unnecessary testing and potentially harmful treatment, particularly in teenagers and young women. The group's previous guidelines had recommended yearly testing for young women, starting within three years of their first sexual intercourse, but no later than age 21.

Arriving on the heels of hotly disputed guidelines calling for less use of mammography, the new recommendations might seem like part of a larger plan to slash cancer screening for women. But the timing was coincidental, said Dr. Cheryl B. Iglesia, the chairwoman of a panel in the obstetricians' group that developed the Pap smear guidelines. The group updates its advice regularly based on new medical information, and Dr. Iglesia said the latest recommendations had been in the works for several years, "long before the Obama health plan came into existence."

She called the timing crazy, uncanny and "an unfortunate perfect storm," adding, "There's no political agenda with regard to these recommendations."

Palin photographer breached contract with sale to Newsweek

Sarah is not the problem, as Newsweek claims.

Government is the problem!!

Sarah is the solution!!!

Gov. Palin's daughter arrested in LA on DUI

Gov. Palin's daughter arrested in LA on DUI

LOS ANGELES — The daughter of Gov. Sarah Palin has been arrested in Hollywood for allegedly driving drunk.

Los Angeles police say 36-year-old Alexandra Palin was stopped by officers on a Hollywood street at about 12:40 a.m. Thursday and failed a sobriety test.

Officer Bruce Borihanh says she was booked at the Hollywood police station and was held for about five hours. She was released at about 5:30 a.m. after posting $5,000 bail.

Borihanh didn't immediately have other details.

Alexandra Palin is the eldest daughter of the former governor of Alaska, the Republican's 2008 vice-presidential nominee.

She has produced documentaries and has had several small acting roles.

Requests for comment from Alexandra Palin's agent and Sarah Palin's office were not immediately returned.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

Sarah Palin Gives Oprah Her Highest Ratings In Two Years reports:

    Oprah Winfrey's interview with former vp candidate Sarah Palin scored the talk show host her highest rating in two years.    Monday's episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" drew a 8.7 household rating and 13 share -- the best since Oprah had the entire Osmond family on the show in 2007.   That means Palin also topped Oprah's heavily viewed interviews with Whitney Houston at the start of the season.

Confirmed: Newsweek Cover of Palin Is Sexist, So Says -- Media Matters???

I kid you not! Media Matters for America, the left-wing organization that is Soros-funded and Clinton backed, has called out Newsweek on its blatant sexism in putting a cheesecake Palin photo on its front cover:

Sexism and media bias all rolled into one one big stinky ball journalistic liberal activism. The Media Matters story is headlining the links over at memeorandum:

From Media Matters:
There are a lot of legitimate reasons to criticize Sarah Palin, her new book, and her policies, but you don't have to stoop to sexism to do it. Newsweek's November 23 issue, however, does just that by publishing on its cover a photo of Palin in short running shorts and a fitted top, leaning against the American flag. Making matters worse is the equally offensive headline Newsweek editors chose to run alongside the photo -- "How Do You Solve a Problem like Sarah?" -- presumably a reference to the Sound of Music song, "Maria," in which nuns fret about "how" to "solve a problem like Maria," a "girl" who "climbs trees" and whose "dress has a tear."
Like her or not, Palin is a former governor and vice presidential candidate. She deserves the same respect every single one of her male counterparts receives when they are featured on the cover of the magazine. I must have missed the cover of Vice President Joe Biden in short shorts or of Mitt Romney in a bathing suit.
Newsweek's sexist treatment of Palin doesn't get any better inside its pages. The mag ran this photo to lead off its "Features" section, which focused on Palin:

Then, for no apparent reason, illustrating Christopher Hitchens' piece on "Palin's base appeal," Newsweek ran a picture of this disgusting Sarah Palin-as-a-slutty-schoolgirl doll:

What kind of message is the magazine trying to send here?
There's more, but wow. Never thought I would agree, and link, to anything MM has to say, especially in regards to Palin. It is true that even a broken clock is correct twice a day. More commentary from Le·gal In·sur·rec· tion, Outside The Beltway, Hot Air, Don Surber, Villainous Company, Another Black Conservative, Gateway Pundit,, Dr. Melissa Clouthier and The Other McCain

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obama Debt, up to 81.7 % GDP

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

IRS: Americans were never taxed for receiving tax credits, Amount Due April 15

Hey Dude! Get ready to OWE the IRS big time next April.
It turns out Obama and the Dems gave you all that money, but didn't tax you, so guess what: you are in for it!

Barack Obama Called. He Wants Your Tax Credit Back.

Remember those $400.00 and $800.00 tax credits Barack Obama gave you in his stimulus plan? And remember that $250.00 gift he gave social security recipients?

Well, Obama decided he wants them back. Yep. According to the IRS, Obama has never asked for an adjustment of the tax tables, so millions of Americans are going to get taxed for having received the tax credits back in February — typically through adjustments the federal government demanded businesses make in employees' withholdings.

Exclusive Sneak Peak: CNN Poll Results on Palin's Presidential Chances

Breaking news on a surprising CNN poll

Apparently, CNN's poll of almost all Democrats believe Governor Sarah Palin is not qualified to save or create non-existent jobs; fail to make important military decisions; destroy the value of the dollar; spike unemployment; create massive new entitlement programs and enact oppressive new taxes on Americans.

Go figure.

Obama's America

Obama's America: More Go Hungry (But It's Okay Because He's Trying Really Super Hard)


Monday, November 16, 2009

WSJ: Gore admits CO2 not main cause of global warming

For what it's worth, Gore has admitted that CO2 is not the main cause of global warming.

Terrorist trail in N.Y. and discovery

Smooth move,. Mr. Obama...
Bringing the terrorist mastermind to U.S. soil, (N.Y.) where terror attacks might happen, and letting him have a trail by jury, where anything can happen, and through the 'discovery' process, letting him have access to U.S. secrets, and effectively putting our own CIA on trial. Very smart...

He already pleaded  guilty, why not try him in a military tribunal, then shoot him?

KSM trial in New York: An intelligence bonanza for Al Qaeda.

BrokeBank Mountain

With Bo and Joe, America is in for one helluva ride!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Army says morale down among troops in Afghanistan...

Obama should get us out of there!

Castro's obsession with Obama; He thinks he's doing great...

Birds of a feather flock together..

Treasury Confident Congress Will Increase $12.1 Trillion Debt Ceiling...

Obama and the Dems burden us with so much debt, it may be our downfall!


Go Palin!

Going Rogue: An American Life
by Sarah Palin
Chapter Four; Section 8, pages 255-257
By the third week in September, a "Free Sarah" campaign was under way and the press at large was growing increasingly critical of the McCain camp's decision to keep me, my family and friends back home, and my governor's staff all bottled up. Meanwhile, the question of which news outlet would land the first interview was a big deal, as it always is with a major party candidate.

From the beginning, Nicolle [Wallace] pushed for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News. The campaign's general strategy involved coming out with a network anchor, someone they felt had treated John well on the trail thus far. My suggestion was that we be consistent with that strategy and start talking to outlets like FOX and the Wall Street Journal. I really didn't have a say in which press I was going to talk to, but for some reason Nicolle seemed compelled to get me on the Katie bandwagon.

"Katie really likes you," she said to me one day. "she's a working mom and admires you as a working mom. She has teenage daughter like you. She just relates to you," Nicolle said. "believe me, I know her very well. I've worked with her." Nicolle had left her gig at CBS just a few months earlier to hook up with the McCain campaign. I had to trust her experience, as she had dealt with national politics more than I had. But something always struck me as peculiar about the way she recalled her days in the White House, when she was speaking on behalf of President George W. Bush. She didn't have much to say that was positive about her former boss or the job in general. Whenever I wanted to give a shout-out to the White House's homeland security efforts after 9/11, we were told we couldn't do it. I didn't know if that was Nicolle's call.

Nicolle went on to explain that Katie really needed a career boost. "She just has such low self-esteem," Nicolle said. She added that Katie was going through a tough time. "She just feels she can't trust anybody."

I was thinking, And this has to do with John McCain's campaign how?

Nicolle said. "She wants you to like her."

Hearing all that, I almost started to feel sorry for her. Katie had tried to make a bold move from lively morning gal to serious anchor, but the new assignment wasn't going very well.

"You know what? We'll schedule a segment with her," Nicolle said. "If it doesn't go well, if there's no chemistry, we won't do any others."

Meanwhile, the media blackout continued. It got so bad that a couple of times I had a friend in Anchorage track down phone numbers for me, and then I snuck in calls to folks like Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and someone I thought was Larry Kudlow but turned out to be Neil Cavuto's producer. I had a friend call Bill O'Reilly after I was inundated with supporters in Alaska asking why the campaign was "ignoring" his on-air requests for a McCain campaign interview. I had another friend scrambling to find Mark Levin's number. Aboard the campaign plane I was within twenty-five feet of reporters for hours on end. Headquarters' strategy was that I should not go to the back of the aircraft and talk to the press. At first this was subtle, but as the campaign wore on, Tracey or Tucker would call headquarters to request permission, and someone in DC would respond, "No! Absolutely not- block her if she tries to go back."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Government Health Insurance reform amounts to

John Cassidy,  New Yorker --

"it's important to be clear about what the reform amounts to."

"The U.S. government is making a costly and open-ended commitment"

"Let's not pretend that it isn't a big deal, or that it will be self-financing, or that it will work out exactly as planned. It won't. What is really unfolding, I suspect, is the scenario that many conservatives feared. The Obama Administration  is creating a new entitlement program, which, once established, will be virtually impossible to rescind."

ObamaCare serves the twin goals of "making the United States a more equitable country and furthering the Democrats' political calculus." The purpose is to further "redistribute income" by putting "health care further under government control", and in the process making the "middle class more dependent on government". As the party of government, "Democrats will benefit over the long run".

"Putting on my amateur historian's cap, I might even claim that some subterfuge is historically necessary to get great reforms enacted."

Obama won't deny Jail Time for Those without Health Care Insurance, compares to auto insurance

From ABC...
Obama doesn't deny it's in the house bill: Jail Time for Those without Health Care Insurance


Obama and the Democrats continue to compare government health insurance to auto insurance. The comparison doesn't hold up. Auto insurance is only for those who 'choose' to drive. You can choose NOT to drive, many many people do not drive.  Additionally auto insurance is to protect the other guy, not necessarily you. The 'mandate' for auto insurance is only for drivers so that the other guy is protected, you are NOT mandated to have insurance for your own vehicle. If government ultimately wants to mandate 'CATASTROPHIC' health insurance for individuals, at a much LOWER price than the price they have in mind, then fine, but that's not what's in the house bill. What's written into the house bill passed at midnight last Saturday night is that everyone is mandated to have an all encompassing health care plan, one that covers everything, including routine visits to the doctor, mental health, and many other kinds of insurance for things that people may not need or want. That's tyranny, that's not constitutional, to force people to do more than the catastrophic kind of insurance which covers only the very expensive unforeseen procedures like auto accidents and bypass surgery, for instance.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hell NO I don't trust government

Bay Bridge holds a lesson for health care reform

By: Mary L.G. Theroux
November 9, 2009

Trust no one: As Bay Area residents continue to use a Bay Bridge with a Band-Aid fix, we should be asking ourselves if government has our best interests in mind. (Examiner file photo)

Whether or not you like it, Congress' health care bill ultimately comes down to one question: How much faith do you have that a politically appointed committee in Washington, D.C., can determine what's best? After last week's Bay Bridge failure, Bay Area residents would do well to consider the obvious parallel. If the government can't build a bridge that keeps us safe, can it really be trusted with the future of American health care?

Can you hear me now?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Unemployment skyrockets under Obama, now 10.2

I guess Hope is not a strategy, and Change is for the worse...

Ft. Hood terrorist had close ties to Obama

If this had been Bush, you would have heard all about the ties in the MSM !

Former president George W. Bush wasted no time getting to Fort Hood to comfort survivors of the latest devastating Islamic terror attack on our soil. Yet the Marxist community activist we're asked to regard as the current president couldn't be bothered; he was too busy loafing at Camp David.

Maybe he just didn't want to draw attention to Nidal Malik Hasan's loose ties to the Obama Administration:

In 2008 The George Washington University Homeland Security Institute (HSPI) initiated a transition task force to help craft homeland security policies during Obama's transition period. In May of 2009 HSPI finished its report titled, "Thinking Anew-Security Priorities for the Next Administration." One of the members of this Obama transition project was none other than the Muslim murderer Nidal Hassan.

Hasan has also been loosely linked to Al Qaeda:

Major Nidal Malik Hasan worshipped at a mosque led by a radical imam said to be a "spiritual adviser" to three of the hijackers who attacked America on Sept 11, 2001.
Hasan, the sole suspect in the massacre of 13 fellow US soldiers in Texas, attended the controversial Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Virginia, in 2001 at the same time as two of the September 11 terrorists, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt. His mother's funeral was held there in May that year.
The preacher at the time was Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Yemeni scholar who was banned from addressing a meeting in London by video link in August because he is accused of supporting attacks on British troops and backing terrorist organisations.
Hasan's eyes "lit up" when he mentioned his deep respect for al-Awlaki's teachings, according to a fellow Muslim officer at the Fort Hood base in Texas, the scene of Thursday's horrific shooting spree.
As investigators look at Hasan's motives and mindset, his attendance at the mosque could be an important piece of the jigsaw. Al-Awlaki moved to Dar al-Hijrah as imam in January, 2001, from the west coast, and three months later the September 11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hamzi and Hani Hanjour began attending his services. A third hijacker attended his services in California.

Granted these links are much looser than Obama's close ties to Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, but they do give us only two degrees of separation between Al Qaeda and the Obamination Administration, through Hasan. Maybe that also explains why the liberal establishment is trying desperately to spin off the terror attack as a case of "compassion fatigue," ignoring the killer's screams of "Allahu Akhbar" before opening fire.

On tips from Wiggins, V the K,

5 years in jail for failing to purchase Pelosi care... It's in there read it.

Thus far nobody has explained where in our Constitution it gives the Imperial Federal Government the power to jail someone for a period of five years for failing to purchase a health insurance policy.  But what the hell does Nancy Pelosi care about our Constitution, anyway?

Tyranny to the Nth degree, far worse than Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany or Maoist China!!
Heil Pelosi!!

PelosiCare vote, final margin of three to pass.

Altmire voted No, but don't be fooled... If Pelosi would have needed more votes, he would have caved.

The Dems who voted Nay did so with Pelosi permission once the votes were secured - to try to save their seats. Clever Dems. The bill contains payoffs, exemptions, and hand-outs to every Dem interest group that can be imagined, the least of which is that Federal employees including the politicians are exempt from the plan. Plus, of course, no malpractice reform.

Dummies elect Jackass - who breaks campaign promises and votes for PelosiCare

Democrats are all Jackasses!
And what a bunch of dummies in NY23 to elect a Jackass!!

Can't wait for 2010 elections!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009, 8:50 AM
Jim Hoft

NY-23 Congressman Bill Owens took one hour to break four campaign promises.
After being sworn into the US House the New York democrat announced that he had changed his mind and would endorse Pelosi's nationalized health care plan after all.
The Gouverneur reported, via RedState:

Congressman-elect Bill Owens was sworn in at noon today.

Owens indicated in a press release that he was now in favor of the bill in direct contrast to his earlier position during his campaign.

According to, Mr. Owens assured voters that he felt the public option had no place in the health care reform bill. Contrary to that position, Mr. Owens now indicates that he intends to vote in favor of the bill even though it now contains a public option.

Of course, this surprises no one.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Huge Hidden Tax in Government health insurance.

There is a huge 'Hidden Tax' built into The House bill that was just passed by the Pelosi congress by the slimest of margins.

It's this: If you actually work for a living, and your employer drops coverage (likely for 100+ million U.S. workers, by most estimates), guess what: that coverage was not taxable to you.

How much more pre-tax money do  you have to earn to make up for that loss of coverage with after tax dollars?

Will that cover your new government health insurance plan?

Not very likely. In fact, it's not even close.

It's an insidious hidden tax. Why do they want to ram their socialist government control down all our collective throats?
The Republic plan would have fixed what is broke, not take over the whole system.

Here's an article that discusses other hidden taxes in this plan:

Saturday, November 07, 2009

NBC: Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting

NBC: "But instead of a somber chief executive offering reassuring words and expressions of sympathy and compassion, viewers saw a wildly disconnected and inappropriately light president making introductory remarks. At the event, a Tribal Nations Conference hosted by the Department of Interior's Bureau of Indian affairs, the president thanked various staffers and offered a "shout-out" to "Dr. Joe Medicine Crow -- that Congressional Medal of Honor winner." Three minutes in, the president spoke about the shooting, in measured and appropriate terms. Who is advising him?Anyone at home aware of the major news story of the previous hours had to have been stunned. An incident like this requires a scrapping of the early light banter. The president should apologize for the tone of his remarks, explain what has happened, express sympathy for those slain and appeal for calm and patience until all the facts are in. That's the least that should occur. "

A wildly disconnected and inappropriately light president.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Tyranny of the first degree

Sounds a bit like tyranny to me...

For any of the scientists who do not buy into this global warming scam, Barack Obama says "We'll just have to deal with those people."

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How Beautiful We Were

Until progressive liberals came along to make huge inroads into destroying it.
How beautiful we were, and will never be again, until we eschew liberalism and socialism!

American Digest:

We had car shows, boat shows, beauty shows and dog shows.

We ran robots on the surface of Mars by remote control.

Our women came from all over the world in all shapes and sizes hues and scents.

We actually believed that all men are created equal and tried to make it come true.

Everybody liked our movies and loved our television shows.

We tried to educate everybody, whether they wanted it or not. Sometimes we succeeded.

We did Levis.

We held the torch high and hundreds of millions came. No matter what the cost.

We saved Europe twice and liberated it once.

We believed so deeply and so abidingly in free speech that we protected and even honored and in some cases even elected traitors.

We let you be as freaky as you wanted to be.

We paid you not to plant crops and not to work.

We died in the hundreds of thousands to end slavery here and around the world.

We invented Jazz.

We wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Gettysberg address.

We went to the moon to see how far we could hit a golf ball...

Read the rest at American Digest.

Save us from socialism...

Can the 10th Amendment save us?

It's time to restore Framers' vision of limited government

Does the U.S. Constitution stand for anything in an era of government excess? Can that founding document, which is supposed to restrain the power and reach of a centralized federal government, slow down the juggernaut of czars, health insurance overhaul and anything else this administration and Congress wish to do that is not in the Constitution?

The Framers created a limited government, thus ensuring that individuals would have the opportunity to become all that their talents and persistence would allow. The left has put aside the original Constitution in favor of a "living document" that they believe allows them to do whatever they want and demand more tax dollars with which to do it.

Can they be stopped? Some constitutional scholars think the 10th Amendment offers the best opportunity. The 10th Amendment states: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

In 1939, the Supreme Court began to dilute constitutional language so that it became open to broader interpretation. Robert G. Natelson, professor of constitutional law and legal history at the University of Montana, has written that even before Franklin D. Roosevelt's court-packing scheme, it was changing the way the Constitution was interpreted, especially "how the commerce and taxing powers were turned upside-down, the necessary and proper clauses and incidental powers, the false claim that the Supreme Court is conservative, how bad precedent leads to more bad court rulings, state elections as critical for constitutional activists, and more."

While during the last seven decades the court has tolerated the federal welfare state, Mr. Natelson says it has never, except in wartime, "authorized an expansion of the federal scope quite as large as what is being proposed now. And in recent years, both the Court and individual justices - even 'liberal' justices - have said repeatedly that there are boundaries beyond which Congress may not go. ... Chief Justice John Marshall once wrote that if Congress were to use its legitimate powers as a 'pretext' for assuming an unauthorized power, 'it would become the painful duty' of the Court 'to say that such an act was not the law of the land.' "

It would be nice to know now what those boundaries are and whether Congress is exceeding its powers as it prepares to alter one-sixth of our economy and change how we access health insurance and health care.

Mr. Natelson makes a fascinating argument in his essay "Is ObamaCare Constitutional?" using the court's Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973. In Roe, he writes, the court struck down state abortion laws that "intruded into the doctor-patient relationship. But the intrusion invalidated in Roe was insignificant compared to the massive intervention contemplated by schemes such as HB3200. 'Global budgeting' and 'single-payer' plans go even further and seem clearly to violate the Supreme Court's Substantive Due Process rules."

Constitutional attorney John Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, tells me, "Although the states surrendered many of their powers to the new federal government, they retained a residuary and inviolable sovereignty that is reflected throughout the Constitution's text. The Framers rejected the concept of a central government that would act upon and through the states, and instead designed a system in which the state and federal governments would exercise concurrent authority over the people. The Court's jurisprudence makes clear that the federal government may not compel the states to enact or administer a federal regulatory program."

Lawyers are busy writing language only they can understand, which seeks to circumvent the intentions of the Founders. But it will be difficult to circumvent the last four words of the 10th Amendment, which state unambiguously where ultimate power lies: "or to the people."

Americans who believe their government should not be a giant ATM, dispensing money and benefits to people who have not earned them, and who want their country returned to its founding principles, must exercise that power before it is taken from them. The 10th Amendment is one place to begin. The streets are another. It worked for the left.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist.

What turned the tide....

Update (10:30 PM): Or actually, a flashback to last week, when Neil Cavuto said, "If, and it is certainly a big if, Republican challenger Chris Christie goes on to win the New Jersey gubernatorial election next week, I think I will know what turned the tide…":

YouTube Link