Sunday, November 08, 2009

Huge Hidden Tax in Government health insurance.

There is a huge 'Hidden Tax' built into The House bill that was just passed by the Pelosi congress by the slimest of margins.

It's this: If you actually work for a living, and your employer drops coverage (likely for 100+ million U.S. workers, by most estimates), guess what: that coverage was not taxable to you.

How much more pre-tax money do  you have to earn to make up for that loss of coverage with after tax dollars?

Will that cover your new government health insurance plan?

Not very likely. In fact, it's not even close.

It's an insidious hidden tax. Why do they want to ram their socialist government control down all our collective throats?
The Republic plan would have fixed what is broke, not take over the whole system.

Here's an article that discusses other hidden taxes in this plan:


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