Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Obama won't deny Jail Time for Those without Health Care Insurance, compares to auto insurance

From ABC...
Obama doesn't deny it's in the house bill: Jail Time for Those without Health Care Insurance


Obama and the Democrats continue to compare government health insurance to auto insurance. The comparison doesn't hold up. Auto insurance is only for those who 'choose' to drive. You can choose NOT to drive, many many people do not drive.  Additionally auto insurance is to protect the other guy, not necessarily you. The 'mandate' for auto insurance is only for drivers so that the other guy is protected, you are NOT mandated to have insurance for your own vehicle. If government ultimately wants to mandate 'CATASTROPHIC' health insurance for individuals, at a much LOWER price than the price they have in mind, then fine, but that's not what's in the house bill. What's written into the house bill passed at midnight last Saturday night is that everyone is mandated to have an all encompassing health care plan, one that covers everything, including routine visits to the doctor, mental health, and many other kinds of insurance for things that people may not need or want. That's tyranny, that's not constitutional, to force people to do more than the catastrophic kind of insurance which covers only the very expensive unforeseen procedures like auto accidents and bypass surgery, for instance.


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