Friday, November 20, 2009

Entertaining story of bias at MSNBC

This is bizarre how this obviously biased MSNBC reporter tries to talk a 17 year old out of her opinion and her position...

The reporter tries to push some made up story of how Palin was for the Bailout.

The most that could be true about that was that McCain was for the Bailout, and McCain forced Palin into a dubious short term position. Palin was and is a better candidate for president than McCain, Obama and Biden combined, by far.

What is really refreshing is the 17 year old, who holds firm in her principles and stands by her own convictions! I'm glad she will be voting for Palin in 2012, so will I. I'll vote early and I'll vote often!

Can't the young girl just get her book signed without being interrogated by MSNBC? Is she supposed to know about the bailout? Good Grief....
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MSNBC Correspondent verbally accosts 17-year old girl at Grand Rapids Book Signing



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