Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SOTU Word cloud

Michelle Malkin         @michellemalkin 

Swig every time Obama refers to "Washington" as if he's been living in Des Moines the last 5 yrs.

anthony will @TWILL_2020  

drink when prez mentions income inequality, NSA, if is at fault, CHUG drink if he mentions the success of

Clay Counts @ClayCounts21 

Drink every time Obama says, "I did..." Two drinks for, "let me be clear."

Alan J. Sanders @AlanJSanders 

Everyone takes a shot when they hear the words "fair share"

Alan J. Sanders @AlanJSanders Follow

Take two shots when you hear the say he will increase the minimum wage, "because it's the right thing to do."

Lord Platypus @Lord_Platypus 

Ok guys, we need to come up with a SOTU drinking game. My first proposal: Drink whenever Obama says "we must act"

Catotheyounger @catoletters Follow

Safe bet you won't hear Obama mention . Add

Jonathan Hall @ThatJonHall Follow

When Obama: says "reach across the isle" drink someone else's drinks.

Hilarious! new IRS form, 1040 Tea-EZ

Fresh off the IRS scandal that has rocked the Obama administration and gotten official Lois Lerner in a lot of trouble, the IRS is releasing a new simplified form for Tea Party patriots!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Global Cooling Deniers or Hide the Decline

The climate certainly has changed..... It's getting colder.
  • Colder summers.
  • Colder winters.
Where's global warming when you need it?

All those Global Warming alarmists are now Global Cooling Deniers (Hide the Decline)


Climate alarmist and Hockeystick inventor gets in hot water after more hot air

by Climate Realist on 21 January 2014 17:53

Bring on Fred Singer,  professor emeritus at the University of Virginia and director of the Science & Environmental Policy Project writing in the American Thinker. He's got it in for Michael Mann -- or "Hide the decline" Mike, as he calls him -- director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, inventor of the so called "Hockeystick" and one of the most famous climate alarmists in the world.

What has got Singer all riled up is a recent piece written by Mann in the New York Times where he starts playing the victim about all the grief he's got for the fact his theories have all turned out to be wrong, and an accusation he made against a fellow scientist's testimony last week to Congress.

Let the fun begin. Before he gets going himself, Singer brings in Ross McKitrick, a well known scientist who long ago trashed the whole Hockeystick nonsense for what it was. Responding to Mann's New York Times op-ed, which was entitled "If you see something, say something.", McKitrick retorted:

"OK, I see a second-rate scientist carrying on like a jackass and making a public nuisance of himself." Singer plainly thinks this is far too tame: "OK, I want to say something too," he says. 

"I see an ideologue, desperately trying to support a hypothesis that's been falsified by observations. While the majority of climate alarmists are trying to discover a physical reason that might just save the AGW hypothesis, Mann simply ignores the 'inconvenient truth' that the global climate has not warmed significantly for at least the past 15 years -- while emissions of greenhouse gases have surged globally."  ...

Friday, January 10, 2014

But - that's not what Obama said!

More of the truth slowly leaking out...

While excess risk-taking and broken markets likely dominate their thinking, the 'real economic recovery' meme the Fed is using to enable them to 'taper' their excesses. However, investors remain assured that if things get worse once again then the Fed will crank the presses and save the assets. It seems they have found their new excuse - no matter what...


So, despite admitting asset-bubbles, fears over stock-multiples and excessively easy lending; the Fed will launch QE5 when Obamacare drags the US economy into trouble...


But - that's not what Obama said!

SCOTUS Facade Tourists

P.S. – Don't you just love this image of some tourists taking a picture of the picture of the SCOTUS facade? It speaks volumes about your average American.

Then again, the above picture is a picture of tourists taking pictures of a picture of the SCOTUS facade. Just where this all ends is anybody's guess. Cue the hall of mirrors.

<Please, someone take a screenshot of this image and pass it on. It's the patriotic thing to do. >

 from: The Grand SCOTUS Facade

best line: As many are beginning to realize, the dismantling of the middle class has begun in earnest and the various branches of government are now obviously and blatantly rallying to protect and serve The Empire. This is accomplished using many brilliantly applied techniques such as bait and switch social programs, bread and circuses for the masses, fear mongering for the weak willed and impressionable, nationalistic propaganda, manufactured left/right ideological conflicts and that old standby, good old fashioned subterfuge. Who doesn't love it when they slop more lipstick on the pig and slap another coat of wet paint on the dry rot?