Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SOTU Word cloud

Michelle Malkin         @michellemalkin 

Swig every time Obama refers to "Washington" as if he's been living in Des Moines the last 5 yrs.

anthony will @TWILL_2020  

drink when prez mentions income inequality, NSA, if is at fault, CHUG drink if he mentions the success of

Clay Counts @ClayCounts21 

Drink every time Obama says, "I did..." Two drinks for, "let me be clear."

Alan J. Sanders @AlanJSanders 

Everyone takes a shot when they hear the words "fair share"

Alan J. Sanders @AlanJSanders Follow

Take two shots when you hear the say he will increase the minimum wage, "because it's the right thing to do."

Lord Platypus @Lord_Platypus 

Ok guys, we need to come up with a SOTU drinking game. My first proposal: Drink whenever Obama says "we must act"

Catotheyounger @catoletters Follow

Safe bet you won't hear Obama mention . Add

Jonathan Hall @ThatJonHall Follow

When Obama: says "reach across the isle" drink someone else's drinks.


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