Friday, January 10, 2014

SCOTUS Facade Tourists

P.S. – Don't you just love this image of some tourists taking a picture of the picture of the SCOTUS facade? It speaks volumes about your average American.

Then again, the above picture is a picture of tourists taking pictures of a picture of the SCOTUS facade. Just where this all ends is anybody's guess. Cue the hall of mirrors.

<Please, someone take a screenshot of this image and pass it on. It's the patriotic thing to do. >

 from: The Grand SCOTUS Facade

best line: As many are beginning to realize, the dismantling of the middle class has begun in earnest and the various branches of government are now obviously and blatantly rallying to protect and serve The Empire. This is accomplished using many brilliantly applied techniques such as bait and switch social programs, bread and circuses for the masses, fear mongering for the weak willed and impressionable, nationalistic propaganda, manufactured left/right ideological conflicts and that old standby, good old fashioned subterfuge. Who doesn't love it when they slop more lipstick on the pig and slap another coat of wet paint on the dry rot?


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