Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oil train explodes

Yet 0bama continues to block Keystone pipeline.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fed throws Temper Taper Tantrum

The Federal Reserve throws Temper Taper Tantrum...
Tempers taper with longer ZIRP, Interest Rate zero for longer...

Monday, December 02, 2013

0bamacare revenge

I think I figured it out.

Liberals, leftists and progressives are vindictive. They actually are gleeful that people like this are encountering so much pain and suffering, as seen in the story below. Somehow they think this is a kind of 'Social Justice' that people on the right would suffer. They wish this harm on the 50% of Americans who do not support the Democrats. It doesn't matter how much money they make, they need to suffer because they were against 0bama politically.

So here we have it, not a Christian way to act, but that's the way so very many on the left are acting, and they have no remorse at all, they are actually glad for the suffering, even if it turns out that 0bamacare doesn't meet their expectations for themselves, at least the other side is suffering. Revenge, cold hard revenge, that's their motivation. And they will go down fighting for 0bama and 0bamacare no matter how bad they are.

Yet I cannot fathom what they need revenge for, that part I still don't understand.

I think the lefists are fundamentally against capitalism and favor socialism because it's somehow been brainwashed into their mental circuitry. They summarily reject historical precedent and fact for which system works better, of course it is capitalism, but that's just not fair to those who cannot (which isn't all that many percentage-wise) or will not (a large number in America today, unfortunatly) work hard under capitalism. They would rather bring everyone down, than support a system that brings everyone up by creating basic prosperity. To myself and most on the right this is illogical, but so be it, for progressives it seems emotion trumps logic.

Here is one example where I'm certain the response from the left is: "HA, She deserves it for being catholic, for being on the right, and really deserves it for being in the Tea Party."

This is a video from Pattie Curran, a mom who describes herself as a "Catholic Tea Party hippie". This video is from August, she tweeted it out again yesterday, indicating that the issues outlined in the video still remain.

She has two critically ill children and walks, point by point, through the problems that Obamacare poses for her family. The video is very instructive, as it goes beyond just the question of premiums and delves into the aspect of all the hidden charges within the law.

She notes:
1. Over the five years prior to Obamacare, her deductible had increased $50. Since Obamcare, it has increased $1200.
2. Her copay for the blood product she needs for her one of her children has increased 100%
3. Medical equipment that ill people use, such as the pumps, catheters, needles, tubing that she needs, all now have a "medical device tax" on them.
4. Medication that helped her son's kidney condition for five to six years had a copay of $131. That copay is now $532.
5. They had no increase in premiums in 2009 and 2010. She notes in the video her premiums have increased $1528. She later adds in the description of the video that her premiums in 2014 will have increased $3066/year since Obamcare. She asks, where is that $2500 decrease that Obama promised?
6. Her medication copays used to be 4000 to 5000/year, now they are 10,000, a 100% increase since Obamacare passed.
7. Pattie also speaks about the reduction in care, noting the layoffs in hospitals that she has observed because of her experience with her children.
8. FLEX spending has dropped from $5000 to $2500.
9. Another hidden tax, not often mentioned- the ability to deduct medical expenses has changed. Whereas you used to be able to deduct if your medical expenses exceeded 7.5% of your AGI, now you can't until it reaches past 10%, thus costing millions of families more and particularly causing economic harm to the sick.

You can find out more about the hidden taxes and expenditures here. They separate it out into taxes that may affect the average American and those less likely. That's a fiction, since the taxes in the "allegedly less likely column" that involve taxes on companies are all going to be passed onto consumers. I will likely have several thousand dollars in raised taxes out of that "less likely" column.