Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Harvard Crimson

BREAKING: Mork Zinkletink Zonks all over the Internet!


The day is here for Mink Zuckerzuck to go speeching for the Harvard! Every year we beg him to come PLEASE but only now will he come here to this place, here now, he is here to prove that he is stronger president material than Joel BidenBoy. Nice Try Joe Man, but you can't Zonk the Zucker-Duck. This guy can Zoink anything.

FLYBY: 10 Websites that Merk Zuckerbook Stole From the Water Sports Boys


The only thing worse than these stolen websoots is the QUAD. Does that make sense? I dropped out reeeeally early.

BREAKING: Dark Zinkybink Parties with the Dick Swinging Big Boys at 44 Bow

Mork Zinkletonk Zoinks All Over Internet

ALSO BREAKING: local plates

This week, the Harvard College Class of 2017 will enter a world still divided over November's presidential election and, overwhelmingly, begin their post-graduate lives deeply pessimistic about the direction the country is headed.
Anti-war student activists clashed with politicians and University administrators as the nation grappled with one of the most controversial wars in the country's history.
​"He's in the crowd, but you can't pick him out," a 1991 article said of Harvard's newly-elected President Neil L. Rudenstine. "He doesn't look like a Harvard president."



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