Friday, August 04, 2006

Democrats to Constituents: "Drop Dead"

All but four Senators tell their constituents to "drop dead". The Death Tax will not be abated from its current $625,000 level (the bill would boost the exemption to 5 million bucks). It's been shown that amongst the people, this is a highly popular change. The "Death" Tax is killing family business. And the 4 Democratic Senators are all up for re-election from red states. Not only that, but the Dems kill the same bill which would have raised the U.S. minimum wage for the first time since 1997. So the Dems just don't care about poor people, and they don't care about family businesses, or farm families who own land, land that could be passed on to heirs, but not if it is worth more than $625,000.

What happens when families have to pay the death tax: their land is sold to developers. 350 acres a day are being paved over in Pennsylvania. This is one of the big culprits, the double taxation of the Federal Estate Tax!


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