Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mini-max strategy

I did research to find the relative rankings of senators, with respect to their liberal versus conservative leanings. Doing an internet search revealed the following:

Obama is ranked number one, as a mean, by all of these liberal organizations.

McCain is ranked number 53, (47'th from the bottom of the list).

So you can see that Obama is the most extreme in terms of leftist leanings.
His voting record was the most consistent with respect to growing government.

Whereas McCain is right in the middle of the pack. He is more of a moderate with
respect to reaching across the aisle.

Hillary is number 11.

According to the mini-max game playing search strategy, the best way to advance in the long run is to minimize your opponents maximums in one round so that in the next round (move), you will be able to beat your opponent if they are not using this strategy. This translates to putting forth your most moderate candidate, assuming that your opponent will put forth their most extreme candidate. This is exactly how this election is shaping up. Obama is the extreme candidate based on the above rankings. McCain is of course the most moderate Republican of the ones that were running.

My prediction, based in this strategy, is that McCain will beat Obama in the general election.


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