Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bias on NPR

On a radio station that plays 4 minutes of NPR, this morning I heard them play a clip of McCain talking about Obama's pledge to spreading the wealth around, a good clip, but then they announce some think tank has released a note that 80% of the people benefit under Obama, 20% of rich people would benefit under McCain. Finally, they play a clip of Obama which shows him in a good light.

This is obvious bias, in that they didn't equally play some think tank (and I know there are many) that shows that EVERYONE benefits when taxes are not raised too much. Just google the 'laffer curve'. The think tank they have chosen is some socialist organization which always comes out with studies that are less than pragmatic, and do not take a very in depth dynamic study of economics. Their static model is skin deep, and will not realize what always happens when taxes are raised, the economy suffers.


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