Thursday, December 04, 2008

The audacity of continuing to bug your 13 million email supporters

Nice - and it doesn't even say or refer to Christmas in any way. The colors don't even include green or red. Yikes. Hopenchange: give us money.
Here is the email that's being sent out by the Obama team:

Friend --This holiday season, celebrate the historic accomplishment of our movement for change. Treat yourself or a loved one to a limited edition Obama coffee mug.Make a donation of $15 or more right now and get an official Obama mug to mark an amazing year:

Items purchased by December 15th are guaranteed to be delivered before December 25th.
Why the heck do you need to have it delivered before December 25th? It doesn't have any Christmas theme. Instead of a coffee mug with a handle that looks like an ear, how about a child's plastic cup, for the 13 million kool-aid drinkers on his email list.


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