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More tea party photos, from many more cities

What a fantastic turnout, in hundreds of cities; this is unprecedented in our time. This is completely grass roots, with just regular people, mostly middle class. It was not organized like politics, as top-down, but rather from the bottom up; most places wouldn't allow any politicians at all to speak. Some great signs, virtually all of them true. This is the real mood of the country, and the main stream media is doing its very best to try to hide it. Generational Theft is happening because the current crop of politicians have multiplied the deficit by about a factor of ten; the CBO estimates 10 trillion will be added to the debt in 10 years. This is what the media is hiding. The only way to fix that is to tax everybody, in order to balance the budget, or print money, which will cause hyper inflation. Those new taxes will only hit the rich today, but down the road everyone will need to fork up. I weep for the future of America unless patriots like this can continue a great grass roots effort to take back government from the current crop of socialist legislators, and perhaps the MSM will see the light.

Cincinnati, Ohio

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

A few more Tea Party photos from Cincinnati, where some well-worded signs were on display:




Compliments of RWNJ.

Tucson, Arizona

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

The Tucson Tea Party saw a big crowd and some excellent signs:




Compliments of Charity.


Saint Paul, Minnesota

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Saint Paul produced an excellent Tea Party turnout, not that you would know it from media reports. Compliments of Jeff H:



Canton, Ohio

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

A right wing extremist sent along some pictures of the Tea Party in Canton, Ohio:





Dallas, Texas

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Yet another great Tea Party turnout, this one in Dallas:



Compliments of ddbb.


Saint Louis, Missouri

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Still more right-wing extremists openly challenge our collectivist future. No wonder Nappy's eyes have been bulging out like a frog's. She'd better send a contingent of DHS agents to Saint Louis:



Compliments of Mark P.


Birmingham, Alabama

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Uh oh, it looks like Crappy Nappy's DHS sent someone to keep an eye on the right-wing extremists at the Birmingham Tea Party. The guy in white in the top picture just doesn't fit in somehow:




Compliments of Craig Z.


New York, New York

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

If the statist establishment that is trying to impose socialism can be challenged right in New York City, maybe it's time for it to move from sneers and denial to fighting for its life:




Compliments of txmbny.


Chicago, Illinois

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

In case there is anyone left on Earth who still thinks it's possible to obtain objective information from the belligerent apparatchiks who staff the statist propaganda service CNN:


Compliments of John H, here's a link you can use if you feel like sounding off to Susan Roesgen's comrades at the Communist News Network.

On tips from V the K, TED, Murff, Catherine, and Rob Banks. Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ.


Phoenix, Arizona

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

I'm proud to report that the Arizona Capitol Tea Party here in Phoenix was a tremendous success, with attendance clearly much higher than the Arizona Repugnant's "more than 5,000" would lead you to believe. Never have I been surrounded by a friendlier, more well-mannered group of people. The contrast to the smelly, antisocial riffraff that populate left-wing demonstrations could not be more striking. If there's one thing the Tea Parties brought home, it's that America is still full of good people who will not let their country go down without a fight. Pictures by Moonbattery staff photographer Varla:














Kalamazoo, Michigan

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

No state has suffered the economic effects of moonbattery more severely than Michigan. It looks like some people in Kalamazoo have had enough:



Compliments of antijenx.


Appleton, Wisconsin

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

More countermoonbattery from America's Dairyland. This was Appleton yesterday:



Hat tip: Berry Laker, on a tip from Curt D.


Madison, Wisconsin

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Moonbatty Madison vies with Ann Arbor for the title of the Berkeley of the Midwest. Yet look at the turnout for the Tea Party yesterday:


We really do surround them.

Hat tip: Boots and Sabers, on a tip from Curt D.


Yorba Linda, California

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

The first of these Tea Party pictures from Yorba Linda explains what has the Dems and their toadies in the media running so scared:






Compliments of Joi W.


Lansing, Michigan

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Even the Rust Belt, where liberal corrosion has been entrenched for decades, saw its share of Tea Parties yesterday. Steven's World reports a turnout of about 5,000 in Lansing:


On a tip from nancz.


Ventura, California

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Patriots in Ventura came up with some great signs yesterday:



Compliments of Henry B.


Peoria, Illinois

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

It looks like moonbattery isn't playing in Peoria:


According to the local Journal Star, "more than 500" joined the Tea Party. Sure enough, 3,000 is more than 500.

Hat tip: The Conservative Dominion.


Keene, New Hampshire

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

So much for the Democrat spin that the Tea Parties were astroturf, like the many phony "grass roots" activities financed by George Soros. Keene, NH didn't even have a Tea Party scheduled. But patriots turned out at Central Square anyway. Compliments of Scott H:





Raleigh, North Carolina

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

The Spirit of 1776 was alive and well in Raleigh yesterday. Compliments of Hillman:




Houston, Texas

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

This shouldn't surprise anyone: yesterday's turnout for the Tea Party in Houston was excellent. Via Lone Star Times:


On a tip from Byron.


Fayetteville, Arkansas

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Fayetteville, Arkansas did its part for liberty yesterday, as reported at It's Curtains for You:




Compliments of nancz.


Glendale, California

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Tea Partying in Glendale, California, compliments of Kenny S:



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Indianapolis, Indiana

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Maybe Big Sister Nappy is right to be wetting her Depends in terror at the thought of patriots who aren't on board with the plunge into socialism. There do seem to be a lot of us out here. Here's the massive crowd that turned out yesterday for the Tea Party in Indianapolis, compliments of Ralph S:



Dayton, Ohio

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

If this keeps up, my work will soon be finished. Look at the Tea Party crowd in Dayton, compliments of Donna S:



Boise, Idaho

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Over 2,500 turned out for the Tea Party in Boise. Compliments of OMB from The Liberty Bunker:



Denver, Colorado

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

You could almost get the impression that people have had enough moonbattery. This was the scene in Denver yesterday, compliments of El Marco:








Bloomington, Indiana

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Yesterday's Tea Parties were a thundering success from one end of the country to the other. Bloomington, Indiana is hardly known as a hotbed of conservative activism. Yet patriots turned out:




Compliments of Chad N.

Cincinnati Tea Party, Revised

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

More from the Cincinnati Tea Party, compliments of Amanda Cullen:





ea Party in Macomb County, Michigan

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Moonbats are catching a break from lousy weather in some places (DC, for example), but even in rural Macomb County, Michigan, patriots are turning out for the Tea Parties. Compliments of theblogprof:


Someone had better let Nappy know about this gathering of dangerous radicals.

incinnati Tea Party II

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

Cincinnati has come through with another successful Tea Party. Compliments of Evil Monk:




Tea Party pictures are much appreciated. I'll have some of my own from Phoenix later.

La Times Sneers at Tea Parties

from Moonbattery by Van Helsing

The Los Angeles Times confirms that according to the liberal elite establishment, citizen protests against an overreaching government that is destroying our freedoms and bankrupting our economy is a waste of time. Sneers Marc Cooper:

The Web is buzzing with information about how to throw an anti-Obama Taxpayer Tea Party, something organizers hope will be held today from Santa Monica to South Carolina. But no need to burn up your bandwidth reading complicated instructions. Here's a simpler recipe:
Go to a hobby store. Buy a scale model of a U.N. One-World-Government Black Helicopter and a tube of glue. Toss the model kit. Sniff the entire tube of glue. You're all set for the party.

Writing as he does for La Times, Cooper is not above indulging in lies, claiming that the spontaneous grass roots Tea Parties were secretly arranged by the boogeymen who make liberals hold tight to their teddy bears:

[T]his rash of tea parties is being organized not only by the pseudo-journalists at Fox News (with Glenn Beck, Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity actively stoking the flames) but also by FreedomWorks, a conservative lobbying outfit headed by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

Absurdly, Cooper drags out the shopworn fib that Comrade Zero will be cutting taxes for "all except the very richest of Americans." Needless to say, the orgy of spending the government is indulging in will require radically higher taxes, whatever Obama's teleprompter has him reciting to the willfully gullible.

If the contempt of the witless moonbat statists who spin for establishment newspapers isn't enough to get you out to the nearest Tea Party, what could be?


Bring a camera and if you get some good shots, please send them along.

On a tip from mega.


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