Friday, May 22, 2009

Guitar Boat Plays Sea Sharp

Guitar Boat Plays Sea Sharp

odd_boats_10(images via: Walyou and Zimbio)

Say you're an Australian singer who's looking for a new angle for a music video, and you'd probably be Josh Pyke. The strummer created a larger than life replica of his favorite guitar and starred - aboard the seaworthy axe - in the video for his song "Make You Happy." Since you're probably wondering what the guitar boat looks like in action, here's the video:

Josh Pyke's "Make You Happy", c/o Ivy League Records

Wood Too Float

odd_boats_11(images via:

If boats can fly, cars can certainly float… Ted Kennedy may have been wrong about that but Jeff Bridges has hit the nail on the head with a series of custom carpentered car-boats. WHY he does this is unknown, though as an attention-grabber it's hard to beat a floating Ferrari.


15 Creatively Offbeat Canoes, Kayaks & Boats


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