Friday, May 08, 2009

The Obama budget cut LIE, not a cut, but a HUGE INCREASE

Do the numbers yourself, and compare headlines, last year and this year:

Inside the second story, we see the truth, the Obama budget is $3.4 Trillion.

I guess Democrats and the Main Stream Media don't know how to do math:

$3.4Trillion - $3.1Trillion = $300 Billion

that's dollars folks, and that is a net INCREASE over last years budget of 9.7% (almost 10%).

The so-called 'Budget Cuts' reported by NPR and the rest of the liberal media (most of the media) is a reduction in their initial budget proposal, that's hardly a cut. 

So the public will swallow the lie, hook, line and sinker, and think that Obama is trimming the budget when in reality, the budget itself is going to increase by about 10%, which is a huge increase. None of Bush's increases were anywhere near that big.  Add to that the Trillion dollar Stimulus that has already been spent, and we are talking some pretty serious spending, the debt is going to balloon.

One day, maybe, the media will wake up to reality, with a hangover.

Update: What I don't understand, is not even Fox News or talk radio has picked up on this big Lie. As far as I'm able to see, I'm the only one to report this 'Increase as a Cut' lie. When the Republicans tried to reduce the rate of increases in the 90's, the media vilified them as big CUTTERS.  Geeze, it's a conspiracy to destroy this country with debt


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