Monday, June 22, 2009

liberals need conservatives more than conservatives need liberals

Democrat cap-and-trade bill could hike electricity rates 47%: KJCT

President Obama is discovering that the promise of "transparency" is easier said than done.

The FDA has now decided that Cheerios is a drug.

Orwell's time-tested warnings: Jacoby Boston Globe

After last week's little episode, Barbara Boxer refuses to apologize for her "don't call me ma'am, call me senator" remark to a Brigadier General.... It was petty hubris!

Barack Obama has the environmentalists upset over his failure to protect 60 million acres of federal woodlands.

A teenager shot dead in street becomes Martyr for protesters: Sky

another great article...

What most liberals fail to understand is that their leisurely dabbling in progressive politics and moral equivalency is made possible by the existence of accumulated conservative moral capital. Remove the conservative anchor and progressive societies become dangerously seasick.  I guess the lesson here is that liberals need conservatives more than conservatives need liberals (although society needs them on occasion).  There is much in progressive ideology that simply seeks to undermine -- a strange method of establishing an identity.

While reading "A Little History of the World" to my kids the other day I came across an interesting observation by the author, E.H. Gombrich:

"Because the Egyptians were so wise and so powerful their empire lasted for a very long time.  Longer than any empire the world has ever known: nearly three thousand years.  And they took just as much care of their corpses, when they preserved them from rotting away, in preserving all their ancient traditions over the centuries.  Their priests made quite sure that no son did anything his father had not done before him.  To them, everything old was sacred."

When Obama fails it will be because he's convinced enough Americans to tire, as he has, of what used to be known as "America."  Imagine what would have happened in Egypt had their priests adopted "liberation theology" rather than the standard of their fathers.  A mere footnote in the pages of history.

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