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Palin 2012 + links

Actual unemployment has risen faster and higher than Barack Obama said would happen even without his stimulus plan. In other words: Barack Obama's stimulus plan has failed to do what he claimed it would do and we are in greater debt and greater unemployment than if we had done nothing at all.


Not only is the global warming scheme "worse than fiction," it is a flat out lie.

Dick Morris explains how Barack Obama's grand stimulus plan has failed.

Is Obama snubbing European allies? That is what the European press is reporting.

Speaking of socialism ... Ayn Rand will surely get the last laugh.

You mean big government spending isn't solving all of our problems?

California wants a simpler tax code. It is considering the Flat Tax. How about the FairTax?

"Drill, baby, Drill" is starting to creep up as an agenda issue for conservatives again

Kaguya's jaw-dropping Moon video: Discover

Influential climate journal: Global cooling admitted: STACLU


"Hey Alaska, wanna swap governors?"

Republican Gov. Sarah Palin led the Founder's Day parade in Auburn, N.Y., the home of the man who arranged the purchase of Alaska in 1867. (With video.)

That man would be William Seward. It was his town's first Founder's Day and she was there as part of Alaska's 50th anniversary. They rolled out a red 1959 Cadillac rag-top for her. AP put the crowd at 20,000. They liked her. Bill Oberkoetter of Pittsford carried a sign: "Hey Alaska, wanna swap governors?" Scoring Palin to lead the parade was nearly a year in planning, the Syracuse newspaper reported:

Even with the connection to Palin's staff, the governor didn't commit until Thursday afternoon. In the 24 hours since the news broke, sales of tickets to a Seward House fundraiser featuring Palin have been brisk, Wisby said.

"The phone has been ringing off the hook," he said.

She gave a 10-minute speech at City Hall. The local newspaper reported:

Palin touted Auburn and the Finger Lakes as one of the most beautiful areas she has seen, and noted the region was home to many of the nation's most influential figures, such as Seward, Harriet Tubman, and women's right's leaders Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

"There must be something in the water here," Palin said. "I told Willow before we leave, drink it up."

The crowd roared again.

It might be the Genesee Beer. It is made in nearby Rochester.

The Princess of New York attended. She wrote:

Our friend, who lives in Rome, NY, called us and asked if we wanted to meet in Auburn to see Sarah Palin. William Seward, who was responsible for the purchase of Alaska, lived in Auburn. Since Alaska is celebrating its 50th anniversary of statehood this year, the city decided to celebrate, too, with its first annual Founder's Day Parade and invited Sarah Palin. We spoke with some locals who mad that the event, and especially Palin's visit, were not promoted very much. They said hardly anything in the region's newspapers. So they were surprised that a huge crowd showed up! According to one AP source, about 20,000 were there, which I find easy to believe. When one blow-dried politician announced that Gov. Paterson wouldn't be there, the crowd cheered and clapped. I'm only 5′2″, so it was difficult see over the crowd. But it was VERY evident when Sarah walked to the podium because the people went NUTZ. Few politicians draw this kind of response.

The video.

Here she is at the William Seward Museum:

The AP story in full


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