Friday, July 10, 2009

Cap and Trade Senate Side -letter to senators

Letter to both of my PA Senators:

On the Cap and Trade bill that will be considered by the Senate soon, I urge you to vote against any version of this bill. I am an Engineer with years experience and understanding of scientific matters such as the so-called crises of Global Warming. The science is inconclusive with respect to proving a link to Carbon Dioxide. Water Vapor and sunspots, not to mention wildfires, volcanoes and methane coming from rice fields play just as much a factor. Please consider also that such a Cap and Trade tactic, while perhaps a good intentioned law, will most likely cost each and every home an addition $1000 or more in energy costs. In Western Pennsylvania home heating costs and gasoline for our vehicles combined are already a huge portion of most peoples yearly costs, and with the economy as such, this will hurt the consumer and eventually hurt an already ailing economy.

What I would like would be for the senate to be more deliberative, and to consider and show to the taxpayers and voters PROOF that cap and trade will actually reduce CO2, and further PROOF that that reduction in CO2 will prevent dramatic increases in the earth's average temperature. I would like the senate to consider that the U.S. is already slowing our CO2 production, and that developing countries like China and India are racketing up their production to degrees higher than our own, and no bill you produce will address that, so will be ineffective.

A much more effective means to control emissions would be a direct tax on gasoline. This would show the voters and taxpayers a direct link, and is therefore would be more honest as it is not a hidden tax as will be the Cap and Trade measure.

Thanks for your consideration.


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