Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where's the jobs?

Hey Mr. President.... Where's the jobs?

The Stimulus isn't working. Roll it back.
Let's roll back the election, while we are at it.

Boehner Blasts Censorship of Chart Detailing Democrats' Government-Run Health Care Labyrinth 
The American People Deserve the Truth" About Democrats' Trillion-Dollar Health Care Takeover, GOP Leader Says 

Washington, Jul 28 - In a speech on the House floor this morning, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) blasted Democratic leaders' efforts to censor a chart that illustrates the bureaucratic labyrinth that would result for American health care with enactment of Washington Democrats' proposed trillion-dollar government takeover of health care.  Democratic leaders have attempted to block Members of Congress from using the chart, produced by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) and the Republican professional staff of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC), in official communications with their constituents.  
"Mr. Speaker, Democrats in Congress don't want the American people to see this chart.  This is the chart that outlines the Democrat proposal moving through the House of Representatives that contains as many as 53 new Federal programs, Agencies and Commissions.  That's right; they're trying to restrict Members of Congress from showing this to their constituents.  They say it's misleading.  Well, there's nothing misleading about it.  They just don't want anyone to see it.
"Well, here it is.  I'm using it.  Are they going to turn out the lights, are they going to turn out the cameras?  Why don't they want the American people to see this? 
"Well, I think the American people deserve the truth about the Democrats' $1.6 trillion takeover of our
of our health care system.  More bureaucracy, more taxes, more mandates - and more government involvement in your life.
"And guess what?  It also means less jobs for Americans.  According to a model developed by the President's own Council of Economic Advisors Chairperson, this proposal will cost Americans some 5.5 million jobs over the next 10 years; the National Federation of Independent Business says that at least a million small business jobs will be lost; and, even the Congressional Budget Office over the weekend made it clear that this will cost low-wage workers an opportunity to get a job.
"Listen, after the 'stimulus' didn't work, most of my constituents are continuing to ask the question, 'where are the jobs?'
"We have a 'stimulus' that's not working, we have a national energy tax bill that came through here this month that will cost millions of Americans their jobs, and while this will ruin the health care system that we enjoy in America, let's not forget, it will cost us millions of American jobs when most Americans continue to want to know, 'where are the jobs?'" 


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Gargantuan Media said...

"100 contruction jobs created in Northside"

I like the Internet. It's a place where people from radically different viewpoints can have a dialogue from worlds away.

For example, I'm a Centrist. I disagree with vapid indictments that push normally calm and cool folks into fanatical statements and
condemnations of clearly rational viewpoints.

In this case, I cannot understand your very public assertion that federal money is somehow being misapplied on a national level to local projects.

It’s been the stated position of local Tea Party leadership on local television and in the streets of this city that this federal money is completely wasted by misguided and uniformed Washington politicians on meaningless projects.

During the July 9th visit by Vice President Biden in Northside a small number of your fellow Tea Party were present, outside the gathering, voicing this view.

Protest, itself, is an honorable right that we enjoy as Americans. A right that very few other countries observe. Try calling President Amenedajhad of Iran a “delusional tool of the Caliphate” in public, in Iran and see what kinds of fun things will happen to you.

But, as American protesters, even if your claims are unpopular or fly in the face of fact or reason, you and organization's like the Cincinnati Tea Party have the right to peaceably gather and speak out.

In direct contradiction of this statement that this very limited amount of funding is somehow being forced on Cincinnati or misguided by the federal government - many key local politicians including the Mayor, City Council members, members of the Ohio House of Representatives and most importantly local Community Council leadership were all present and accounted for during the Vice Presidents visit to help oversee and guide where the funding will be spent.

These local officials and citizens gathered at a dilapidated Rust Belt icon in Cincinnati – the long defunct Cannery Company in Northside. They were preset and aware of the need for this project, despite the Tea Party’s very public claims, to ensure that this money would go to a long deserving project.

The Cannery building project has just been granted critical funding to clean up years of lead waste and continue refurbishment in order to turn it from a dangerous eyesore that has sat vacant for decades into affordable housing, restaurants and small businesses.

As a matter of public record the federal government is spending 1.6 million dollars on this project in Northside. Which begs the questions:

1. How is funding a project to turn urban blight into housing and business bad for Cincinnati?

2. How can this project viewed as a misguided expenditure of tax payer dollars when it is so badly needed?

Cleaning up a polluted and long abandoned factory and turning it into construction jobs to create housing and small businesses must be viewed as a win in either a Centrists or a Right Wingers point of view.

I look forward to your answers on the questions I’ve asked and for a further elaboration of your viewpoint on job creation and urban re-development. Thanks.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Mr. Punky Kitten said...

what happens if the 'construction jobs' don't pan out? Then that's money down the toilet. And that's money that was forcibly and immorally taken from me and other free individuals.

Let the free market determine if these places need to be reclaimed.

Actually, we need nuclear power. Deregulate nuclear power, and let that industry take over these old industry sites.


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