Friday, September 11, 2009

Red Herring

"But, I think most people agree that our nation's current health care system needs to be reformed in some way."
I don't agree. . That arguement is a red-herring. Where is the proof?
I believe that health care is just fine, in fact, the USA enjoys the best health care system in the world. Rather, I contend that it is health insurance that's all messed up, mostly because it was during WWII that the federal government put price controls on wages, forcing business to give fringe benefits like health insurance as incentive to lure prospective employees. Ever since then, government involvement has morphed the system into a nightmare. That's a fact, and now to get out of this mess will be no easy task. But I do know one thing, if the so-called public option (better called government option) is invoked, it will get worse, not better. Rationing will be a nightmare, and people who work will have much, much more taken from their wages. All in the name of what? What's the purpose of putting a huge bloated government bureaucracy in the middle? The Democrats would love that because it puts them in control and increases their tyrannical power. I want less government, not more. I say we only need a few things, including 1). provide 'some' relief for the 15 million low income folks out of a job. 2). Complete tort reform. 3). Make insurance companies compete by making insurance plans portable across state lines. 4). Let people have deductions for plans that they sign up for, just like businesses do. That's basically the plan put forth by the CEO of Whole Foods.
Warning - Kool-Aid Required!


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