Monday, October 26, 2009

Dems playing politics again


  • For the last ten years, our government spending has skyrocketed thanks to George Bush.
  • Congress votes to increase the debt ceiling.
  • Barack Obama gets into office and spends more in his first few months than all other presidents combined, even more than Bush
  • Congress needs to increase the debt ceiling, but Democrats don't want to get blamed.
  • Democrats attach the vote on the increase to a Defense spending bill to fund the troops in Afghanistan (a hot issue at the moment).
  • The Democrats try to downplay the issue of increase so as to not spark public outrage.
  • The Republicans say they don't want to vote for the bill because of the increase.
  • The Democrats say that the Republicans don't want to support the troops.
  • The Republicans end up voting for the bill anyway.
  • Election time rolls around, and Democrats use the vote against Republicans saying that they voted to increase the debt limit to a whopping $13 trillion (neglecting to mention the fact that the increase was attached to a bill to fund the troops because the Democrats manipulated it that way).


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