Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Persuasion of Power

Ha! This is on a Hillary blog!

We prefer the power of persuasion, or the persuasion of power!



H/t Eric


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H/t Seapea (referring to Coakley spelling Massachusetts as "Massachusettes")


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H/t Seapea (And we'd love to see a version of this one with a toilet instead of a deck chair..because everytime we hear Martha call this "The Kennedy Seat", we think "Toilet"



The original photo:

I'm Martha Coakley and I approve this message!

In the top right corner of this picture, where there's that blank space, there is the perfect amount of room to write "I'm Martha Coakley, and I approve this message". 

We also want to work into this the concept that Coakley, and Democrats, feel this is "The Kennedy Seat", and are so dismissive of voters and reporters that they will push and shove people aside, as if they were British aristocrats, not deigning to answer questions.  Coakley's attitude in this race, since day one, has been "I already won.  We don't need an election".  

This photo captures that attitude perfectly.  

We just need it photoshopped with these three things to make it perfect:

* "I'm Martha Coakely and I approve this message"

* "It's the Kennedy Seat, peasant"

* "I already won this, so no need for an election"

Can someone get on this so we can spread it all across Massachusetts for the next five days?

What other taglines do you think would be good?


UPDATE:  Here's what we'd LOVE to see combining all the ideas above:

* Martha's goon holding a big toilet instead of a deck chair like in the one image above — the toilet has on its water tank the Latin motto "Sic Transit Gloria" written on it in gold, fancy letters.  Perhaps in the toilet bowl there's an Oldsmobile sticking out of it, partially submerged

* Martha's shouting "That's the Kennedy Seat, peasant!"  - with the words coming out over her shoulder like in some of the pictures above

* "I'm Martha Coakley and I approve this message" in the upper right corner, like in some of the above

* Add some ACORN and SEIU buttons to the goon pushing the man to the ground — to symbolize Coakley's ties to those evil entities determined to steal this election

* There are two men walking behind Coakley and her goon.  Turn their heads into donkey heads, to symbolize Democrats.  Donkeys in suits walking behind Coakley and her goon

* Keep the description running across Coakley's legs and the bottom of the picture that says, "Martha Coakley stands and does nothing as one of her campaign aides….etc."

* A campaign button on Martha's coat that says, "I Already Won"

* Place the whole picture inside a motivational frame like Eric did with "Intimidation"


Best way to submit a photoshop:  email it to us at


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