Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CEI files suit against the EPA - good!

Most of last year featured furious argument over Obama's cap-and-trade scheme. The chief opposition to the complicated tax and rationing scheme was not congressional Republicans but the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), another D.C.-based libertarian think tank. Led by former Environmental Protection Agency policy analyst Fred Smith, CEI has proved willing not only to argue against policies it disagrees with but to sue.

Last week CEI filed suit in federal appeals court challenging the EPA's forthcoming regulation of greenhouse gasses under the Clean Air Act. This came on the tail of a petition filed by CEI and a few other groups asking the EPA to reconsider its rule in light of the recent Climategate scandal. The idea isn't so much to win in court - though they would take a win, they assure me - but to gum up the works long enough for Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski to get a resolution of disapproval through the Senate, which will then be used to force the EPA to back down.


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