Monday, February 01, 2010

Re: Historical moment

I heard parts of this. I heard the part where Obama was scolding and lecturing the Republicans.
It frankly didn't sound presidential. Bush would have accepted responsibility. Obama kept saying "Do you blame me for this or that which happened in January last year, or before?"

What Obama fails to recognize is that he truly is Bolshevik in his policies. What happened starting in June of 2008 was that the Market, which is forward looking, dropped on the estimate and prediction that Obama would win that November. So in a sense, the market predicted correctly that Obama and the Democrats would win, and attempt to implement their socialist agenda, which he openly confessed when he campaigned. And indeed he is implementing a nightmare for our economy. He's trying to take over healthcare, and shove cap 'n tax down our throats, which would dramatically increase the cost of energy, thus hurting business and the economy further.

It's not just Obama, who indeed IS A LEFT WING IDEOLOGUE, despite what he professed. It's also the Democrats who controlled the house and senate from 2007 onwards. The worst part of their agenda for business and the economy is that they won't keep the Bush tax cuts, including income taxes, which favors small businesses, and the capital gains tax, which favors larger businesses, intact. They will let them expire. That's why no businesses will hire. Joblessness will remain high until they get tax cuts made permanent. It's because of their huge spending proclivity, which is coming fruition with a 3.8 trillion dollar budget which proves that last year's massive spending wasn't just a one shot anomaly, that they are going to let this tax cuts expire. But they do so at their own risk, because the economy is dynamic, and everytime taxes are cut on business, the government actually rakes in way more revenue, contrary to what the Dems will tell you.

With respect to the proposal to give a one-time tax break to businesses that hire ($3000), I believe that won't work too well, as business wants a long term tax break.

Fox is balanced, the others are not as can be seen by the ratings. Fox has twice the viewership as the others combined. I used to watch CNN when it started, and they have strayed so far left, I just can stomach them any more at all. MSNBC is even worse. The Bush hatred spewed by them was ridiculous and unwarranted.

I don't see any hatred coming from Fox. I see fair and balanced. And based on the ratings, I sincerely believe that the American public agrees with me.  This November when the Republicans take back congress, I think you will see that there is virtually none on the right who spew hatred for Obama. He is misguided, but I believe that once he is bridled with a congress that prefers limited government, he will work out as a fine president.

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 9:25 PM, you wrote:
Today President Obama met with the Republican House of representatives in Baltimore and answered questions and discussed problems in a 2-hour televised session, first time in history this has happened on TV.  Obama handled himself so well the Republicans were sorry it was televised.  CNN, MSNBC and C-Span allowed the whole thing to go uninterrupted.  Your "fair and balanced" Fox News interrupted and said what they thought the president was really saying and then went to other news.  That's your "balanced" news station for you, biased and unfair as hell.


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