Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DC replaces Silicon Valley and New York as center of wealth, not wealth produced, but wealth stolen

I say, let's trim 5% of all government workers, each year, and cut 10% from the rest of their pay each year, that will solve this deficit problem pretty quick!

I've about had it with government workers -- this is reflected in an editorial published by Investor's Business Daily, "The New Beltway Babylon," where it was reported that Washington D.C. has replaced Silicon Valley and even New York as the center of affluence in the U.S.A.

How can the seat of government in a capitalist society double as its seat of wealth? The late Milton Friedman, who warned about the growing mix of government in the U.S. economy, must be turning in his grave.

According to the Census Bureau, the nation's three richest counties -- and half the top 10 -- are now all located near Washington, where they gorge on the tax dollars you send there.


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