Friday, May 21, 2010

Rats jumping sinking white house ship

Obama's special guest at the White House

By Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Associated Press
President Obama's remarks on Wall Street regulations yesterday featured a special guest, though we're not exactly sure who -- or what -- it was.

Some kind or rodent -- maybe a rat, maybe a mouse, perhaps a mole --scurried in front of Obama's podium, drawing chuckles from reporters and rapid clicks from camera people.

Members of White House camera crews reported seeing the same suspect a week ago, just before Obama spoke about the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Yes, there are exterminators at the White House, but there is also a lot of foliage and they can't track down everything.

The latest sighting generated many comments about "a rat in the Rose Garden," and "a mole in the White House." The rodent himself -- herself? -- didn't hang around for examination, heading straight for the bushes that ring the garden.

Perhaps the best headline came from our friends at The Drudge Report, which referenced the president's relative lack of news conferences: "Obama doesn't take questions from the rat, either."

(Posted by David Jackson)


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