Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Latest headlines

Here are the headlines I missed (thankfully) while I was on vacation last week..
  • Unemployment claims are up. 

  • The so-called "recovery" is fizzling

  • US debt at a record percentage of GDP .. and growing

  • Private business aren't hiring ... and don't plan to

  • Government employment growing across the board

  • Iran thumbing its nose at further sanctions .. continue work on the bomb

  • Dependency on government growing at highest rate since Jimmy Carter

  • The United Nations is calling for the dollar to be replaced as the global reserve currency

  • Oil leak in Gulf continues with no real end in sight

  • Taliban cooling their heels and waiting for our July 2011 pull out date

  • Tax increases across the board in the US

  • The Value Added Tax is on the way!

  • Home sales are down by 30%

  • Six months to go before we are hit with the largest tax hike in history

  • Hugo Chavez just seized 11 oil rigs owned by a US company

  • Mexican drug gang fight at Arizona border kills 21

So ... how's that Hopey-Changy thing working out for you?


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