Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Government workers deserve a cut in pay to balance the budget

Last week the invaluable Cato Insitute published several charts derived from a Bureau of Economic Analysis study of compensation. 

In terms of raw wages, federal workers are making 38% more than their private sector counterparts.

Figure 2, which I like to call They're Really Making More Than Double, tallies federal workers total compensation -- including benefits -- against those of the taxpayers.

The idiot race-baiter Shirley Sherrod was right when she said, "you never get fired from a government job". Compare the federal termination rate -- the total of discharges and layoffs -- with that of the private sector. Private workers are more than three times likely to lose their jobs.

Finally, Cato observes that the "quit rate" is a good indicator as to whether compensation is overly rich. Private workers quit their jobs more than eight times the rate of federal workers.

Outraged yet?

Well, I've got one more factoid for you: Obama and the Statist Democrats want even more of your money. Even if they lose the election in November, they intend to pass new energy taxes, try to jam through a VAT tax, and slam in a mandatory unionization bill called "card check".

In other words, no matter how much money they take from you, it's never enough.

You had better vote in November if we have a prayer of stopping this madness. I've got a few suggestions as to how we can attack the Democrats' purely evil lame-duck intentions -- but only if we can take one or both houses of Congress in the fall. Those will be posted shortly. Remember November.


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