Friday, September 03, 2010

a president who holds the private sector in disdain and who worships the god of government

I'm sending this in advance of you reading the 'party-line' talking points form AP or any other of the left-stream media outlets.

Jobless numbers come out from Washington, and they aren't going to make Democrats happy. The people of this country are coming to realize more and more that Barack Obama is a jobs-killing president. That is what we should expect from a president who holds the private sector in disdain and who worships the god of government.

The second thing that happens is The Community Organizer coming forth to tell us what the job numbers mean. We will learn from Obama that the blame really should be placed on the Republicans because, after all, they're the ones who are blocking his latest effort at a "jobs bill." So ... let's look at Obama's jobs bill.

There's $30 billion or so to loan to small businesses. Big deal. Small banks are sitting on $1 trillion in excess reserves right now ... money that could be loaned to small businesses if it were not for two things: (1) The small businesses aren't particularly to obligate themselves for any loans right now when there is so much uncertainty --- tax hikes, ObamaCare, tax and cap, card check - in their future. (2) The banks aren't all that sure about the future of these small businesses either with Obama running the show ... so they're not all that anxious to lend.

Obama will also tell us the Republicans are blocking tax cuts for small businesses. Only one problem here .. the tax cut he's talking about is a capital gains tax cut. Most small businesses - the businesses we depend on for new jobs - don't pay capital gains taxes.

Obama might use his "Republican blockade" line again. What do you call it when the Democrats absolutely refuse to allow the Republicans to offer any amendments to the bill? That's not a blockade?

This guy is an incompetent, anti-capitalist menace. Listen to him but try to remember what his true mindset is.

If Obama really wants to make a difference for jobs, he will push the Dummycrats to extend the tax rate as it is. Instead the huge tax increase coming in 2011 will have the opposite effect.


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