Monday, October 04, 2010

Deficit and Debt

Here's what is really interesting (and don't give me that B.S. about cleaning up the mess, the only mess was the one left by Clinton with the C.R.A.). There is actually a good correlation to which party controls Congress.

Debt per Capita

2000: $12300 (increases $1000 per year under Bush, not good, but a reasonable pace.)
2007: $16574 (4% increase per year, 2000 until 2007)
2008: $17540 (5.8% increase, Pelosi?)
2009: $22849 (Can you say Pelosi/OBAMA? One year increase of  30%)
2010: $27541 (Obama on steroids! 20.5% increase in one additional year of Obama/Pelosi )
2011: Can't wait to see the Obama destruction :-(

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The dark green indicates that N.America is lush and fertile… 

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