Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama just threw Congress under the bus.

Obama just threw Congress under the bus.

Obama's interview in the NY Times Magazine is being described as a retrospective on his first two years in office. In it he talks about being seen as a "tax-and-spend" liberal and explains his failure to understand that there are no "shovel ready projects."

And now you know why the politician who mostly votes "present" when it comes time to make controversial decisions continues in to blame others. Because ObamaCare – thanks to the Obama propaganda machine – is going to rapidly morph into Pelosi-Reed-Care. And the stimulus bill with its Not-Quite-Shovel-Ready-Jobs-Bill is going to be transformed into the Runaway-Democrats-In-Congress spending fiasco. He has already hinted that he wished that he had talked the Democrats in Congress into compromising with Republicans.

During the last two years, Obama has been the cheerleader-in-chief for the Crazy-Left Democrats in Congress; or that's what the narrative the MFM if going to be creating as the revisionist history of the last two years.


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