Wednesday, November 03, 2010

5 states are still Stuck On Stupid

Nevada - the gaming industry is alleged to have threatened their employees to vote for Reid. Nevertheless- Nevada unemployment is 15%, much worse than national average, and housing is even worse, In other words:

   Nevada: You are stuck on Stupid!

California - what can I say, a tired old moonbat from the 70s, and a repugnant entrenched liberal senator with name recognition in a state that is multiple 10's of billions of dollars in debt, in other words:

   California: You are stuck on Stupid!

New York special election - what can I say, a no nothing temporarily appointed senator who's only strength is the D next to her name, in other words:

   New York: You are stuck on Stupid!

Delaware: a bearded Marxist, in other words:

   Delaware: You are stuck on Stupid!

Connecticut: a pompous smiley dude who invented a war record, in other words:

   Connecticut: You are stuck on Stupid!

West Virginia: his campaign ad showed the Democrat Governor with a shot gun blowing a hole in the Cap 'n Tax bill, and he indicated that he is against Obamacare, in other words:

   West Virgina: Good choice! You elected a conservative as your Democrat Senator who will vote against Cap 'n Tax and will help repeal the onerous portions of the health care boondoggle.

It may very well be a good thing that the Senate is still in the hands of the Dummycrats. First, Reid is a terrible majority leader.

Second: the biased media (I repeat myself) can't legitimately demonize the 'R' congress because it is split, which will be good for an 'R's chances at the presidency in 2012.

And third, we still have the filibuster, which is stronger now that there are only about 4 or 5 RINOs left in the senate.

Oh, and Pennsylvania had a clean sweep yesterday! Best news ever!!!


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