Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fictional NYT headline: Shock, Outrage as State Department outed by WikiLeaks

Doug Ross gets it right. He calls it ironic, but I say it's total hypocrisy.
The media, like the N.Y. Times, are not outraged by this WikiLeaks, like they were with the outing of Valerie Plame.
Please, leftist media, spare me. Really, who the heck is Valerie Plame, and who the heck cares.
But these leaks are monumental when compared to that.

I guess I won't hold my breath until I see a headline like this:

Shock, Outrage as State Department outed by WikiLeaks

Where's Scooter Libby When You Need Him?

Runner-up headline: Shock, Outrage as Analyst Valerie Plame Outed by WikiLeaks

Does anyone else find it hysterically ironic that the "progressive" left vilified Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and finally Scooter Libby for years even after it was discovered they didn't actually out super-spy Valerie Plame?

And yet when it comes to the most massive disclosure of truly sensitive, classified information in history -- which endangers America in an infinite variety of ways (such as: which allies will be so foolish as to trust the Clinton State Department again?) -- the Statists can't seem to find much to criticize the despicable crackpot leaker and Julian Asshatter for (my spelling could be off).

The instrument has not been invented that is sensitive enough to measure the Left's intellectual honesty.

By the way, did they ever make that Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame movie? I was so looking forward to seeing it.


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