Thursday, December 30, 2010

Liberal Chris Matthews asks: Why doesn’t Obama just release his birth certificate?

A serious look into the issue..

Yesterday, on Hardball, Chris Matthews asked a very obvious, rhetorical question:  "Why doesn't Obama just release his birth certificate?".

ANSWER:  Because there is something embarrassing on it politically for Obama that he doesn't want to have to explain to the American people, and the black community in particular.

I used to think he was listed as "Muslim" on his birth certificate, but I've since been convinced that in 1961, when Obama was born, religion wasn't recorded on a birth certificate.  I was born in Ohio in the late 1970s and "Catholic" is written on my birth certificate in several places, so I assumed "Muslim" was written on Obama's because of his father, who was Muslim, and Islam dictates a son is the religion of his father unless that boy renounces it formally before he is 18. However, a friend of mine who was born in Hawaii prior to 1961 has a daughter who was born in Hawaii in the 1980s…and she sent me copies of her daughter's and her birth certificate and the two of them don't have religion anywhere on them.  So, that struck down the "Obama is not releasing this because it says 'Muslim' on it" theory.

David Axelrod is a political genius for ginning up the "Birther Movement" and planting conspiracy theories out there that say the reason Obama is not releasing his birth certificate is because he was not born in the US.  I know for a fact Axelrod did this, and it is one of the smartest political moves in history.  It is Alinsky elevated to its purest form, because it completely neutralized all criticism of Obama for not releasing the birth certificate by painting anyone who talks about the issue as a lunatic.  Just watch:  the second anyone asks WHY Obama won't just show the world his birth certificate people call that person a lunatic, a "Birther", and claim they sit around with tinfoil hats on all day listening to conspiracy theories.

This attacks the questioner, and polarizes that person into a pariah for asking a valid question.  It's a genius move, and you can bet Axelrod was behind it…since it has kept the birth certificate question from ever being addressed.

Of course Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.

But, there's something on his birth certificate he does not want America to see, and it's now down to a few options as to what that something is:

(1) His race is listed as Caucasian-Arab on the birth certificate, not as "black" the way he needs it to be to get away with everything he gets away with in life. Obama's whole schtick is that he is black, not a Caucasian-Arab.  His mother was full Caucasian, and his father was only 1/4 black.  Most likely, his father was listed as "African Arab" on the race line below his name on that 1961 birth certificate.  When the child's line was completed, it would have been recorded as an amalgam of mother and father, according to how they recorded mixed race births in 1961.  A full-blood Caucasian mother plus a father who is 3/4 Arab and 1/4 black would result in a child that is 50% Caucasian/near 50% Arab, but with a little black in him.

That's not what Obama's narrative needed to be to get him where he wanted to go (hence, the necessity of him marrying someone like Michelle Antoinette, who gave him street cred in the black community).

So, it's most likely that his full birth certificate does not say black anywhere on it, but instead has Arab written where Obama doesn't want it to be.  Because a Certificate of Live Birth in Hawaii (a Cliff's Notes for a birth certificate) does not have the race lines included in the printout, for whatever reason, David Axelrod had that COLB released to the press and ginned up the Birther controversy to keep people from demanding to see the actual birth certificate.

If Obama loses the black community, and if they believe he lied to them and is not really one of them, the whole house of cards tumbles down. So, this is the most likely explanation for why the White House, to this day, refuses to release the birth certificate.

(2) Obama's adoption by Lolo Soetero in the 1970s complicated the birth certificate and the White House is afraid it can't explain that to the American people. The few school records that have been released for Obama are from his school in Indonesia where it was recorded that Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetero, his mother's second husband, and he went by Barry Soetero in Indonesia.  A friend of mine was adopted as an older child, and at the time of his adoption his original birth certificate was pulled, changed, and the adoption was noted on it with his legal name change.  So, he was born as "John Smith" but became "John Davis" at the time of the adoption.  A birth certificate for him that was pulled a day before the adoption would say "John Smith" and one the day after the adoption would say "John Davis".  If he kept going by the name "John Smith" because he liked it better (or he thought it would have gotten him farther with financial aid and admissions in the Ivy League, because he knew those schools wanted a black-sounding name like Barack Hussein Obama) then at some point in the future he would have had a lot of explaining to do if a "John Davis" birth certificate showed up for him (Barry Soetero in Obama's case). It seems the adoption would have created a lot of weird explaining for Obama to do, and the White House might not believe the American people can grasp all of this…so that could also be why they refuse to release the birth certificate.  This is the second most likely explanation for what's going on.

(3) Barack Obama Sr. is not Obama's real father. This is the craziest of the remaining theories, because the COLB issued by Hawaii lists this man as Obama's father. Perhaps the original birth certificate said 'Father unknown' and Obama's mother only later filled in BHO Sr. This weirdness would have been embarrassing for Obama to explain, so that could be why the White House refuses to release the birth certificate.  Some people speculate that Frank Marshall, who was married at the time, was really Obama's father and that BHO Sr. was used as a scapegoat because he lived in Kenya and had children all over the world with a half dozen different women, so what did it matter if Stanley Dunham wrote his name down for her son, too?  This could all be possible, but it's the least likely scenario.

Because Obama has spent most of his life hiding this birth certificate, because of whatever it reveals about him, he's entrenched himself too much on this issue to ever give that piece of paper up willingly.

The REAL mystery of all of this, at the moment, is why on Earth Chris Matthews decided to talk about this last night on MSNBC.

Matthews is to Obama what a teenage girl is to insert-Tiger-Beat-cover-hunk-of-her-choice-here.

I can't imagine Matthews ever saying or doing anything to hurt Obama of his own volition, and since MSNBC employs Matthews, and MSNBC is tied inextricably to Obama, I just don't know why Matthews would ever be allowed to harm Obama in any way.

So, why is he talking about the birth certificate?

It's a very slow news period right now, so maybe it's just to gin up ratings.

It's very, very weird though.


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