Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The biased Left Stream Media interview the left wing infiltrator (they do that all the time, they are biased after all).

And they report only that. No wonder there is general misunderstanding about the tea party.


It's hard to know if they actually believe their talking points, or if they just hammer away at them for rhetorical effect, despite knowing that they're not true.

What's this? A Tea Partier in a historical costume with a sign saying "Our cause is just and holy"?

Nope. Just another left-wing provocateur trying to discredit the Tea Party. Luckily, Sally Zelikovsky's legendary "Infiltrator Identification Squad" was all over her in an instant, pinpointing the charlatan as she tried to pose in front of the Tea Party banner.

A mainstream media reporter of course made a beeline for the fake Tea Partier and interviewed her, dutifully writing down her purposely offensive quotes.

Well, you might argue, maybe the reporter didn't know the lady in the costume was a phony. It's possible — right?

Dream on. The MSM reporter interviewed the faker while standing directly under the "Infiltrator" sign.

This is how news is created. Sigh.

Eventually, inevitably, infiltrator and identifier came together and started having a discussion. Here, the real Tea Partier looks down at the fake sign.

They started having a heated discussion, which the interloper recorded for what I can only assume was her own left-leaning media outlet or blog. I particularly like the expression of the guy with the pipe: "We certainly have gotten ourselves into a pickle here, haven't we?" he seems to be saying.


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