Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump is Obama's Trump Card in 2012, in Cahoots to Replay Perot Spoiler Option

Let's use a little logic to analyze this whole Trump/Birther business.

1). Trump becomes A-No.-1 birther on talk shows and everywhere.
2). Trump trumps the media. The Media can't suppress Trump.
3). Obama shows his birth certificate.

4). Trump in his press conference yesterday takes credit and is proud of himself.
5). Trump answers a question: are you a Republican: Yes, a proud Republican (but is that true?).
6). Liberals everywhere are irate at Trump (and some conservatives as well). Liberals now know him as a mean-spirited Republican.
7). Trump answers a question about a possible run for president:
he can't announce now, but when he does announce, he thinks everyone will be 'surprised'

So what's up?

1). The 'Surprise' will be that Trump announces he will be running for president as a (wait for it......)
"Independent" He'll say he's a Republican at heart, but that the Republican party has lost its way.

2). As an independent, no liberals will vote for him, remember they are irate at him.
He will draw 20% of the vote, just like Perot did from G.H.W. Bush running against Clinton, most of his voters will be independents mad at Obama that just don't want to vote for the Republican candidate, or some moderate Republicans.

3). Obama will win in this 3-way scenario.

4). Without Trump as Obama's Trump card, Obama wouldn't be able to win (look at gas prices and the economy).

5). Why else does Obama release the Birth Certificate now? Any other explanation just doesn't make sense:

So I assert: secretly behind closed doors, Obama and Trump are in cahoots to get Obama reelected.


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