Friday, August 05, 2011

Liberals stretch the truth to try to salvage Obama's failed presidency.

  • - Fallacy: the Bush tax cuts cost us revenue. The truth is that because of the Laffer curve type of dynamic analysis that the Bush tax cuts actually caused much more economic activity and in the aggregate brought in more revenue than if we had not done the Bush tax cuts, especially the drop in the capital gains tax.
  •  - Something the chart misses: Obamacare cost the economy big time, although that cannot be factored into the graph except that the revenue has dropped because of Obama caused joblessness directly related to Obamacare.
  • - Something else the chart misses: Putting gulf oil out of bounds costs jobs and causes inflation.
  • - Fact: We've got 4 wars under Obama, he's not stopping any of them. So the war budgets can't be compared at all in these charts.
  • - Fact: Bush's medicare changes actually save money in the long run. Fact: Obamacare strips $500 Billion from Medicare - where's that in the chart?
  • - Liberals are simply trying to excuse a failed Obama presidency. Just ignore them. The price of gasoline and the unemployment rate are all that matter to his re-election chances. "It's the Economy Stupid" - James Carville


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