Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Young Occutards Got Suckered

These young Occutards ought to admit they made a mistake, and that they were suckered into voting for false hope in 2008.


Speaking of the people who were suckered into voting this Marxist into the White House … look no further than your local Occupy Whatever protest.  These are primarily the people who put Barack Obama in the White House.  They are young, they are ignorant, and in 2008 they simply didn't know any better.  They got caught up in the excitement of this "sort of a God."  A 21 year old Occupier in New York by the name of Daniel Rosenfeld says that "the general vibe in Zuccotti Park fills him not only with sixties nostalgia but a reminder of the hopefulness that he and his classmates shared back in 2008," according to the Huffington Post.  Rosenfeld says, "Everyone was so happy and hopeful and it really felt like youth and minorities and groups that don't normally vote and whose voices aren't normally heard were finally recognized."

 Your voices were finally recognized alright.  Look where that has gotten us!  Almost 70% of voters under the age of 30 voted for Obama.  Even with the current economy, 48% of young voters under 30 still approve of Barack Obama.  That is one of the highest approval ratings of any voting group and well above the general population approval rating of 41%.

 This article in the American Spectator "Generation 'Why?'" accurately points out: "Rather than see government policy as the reason for the financial meltdown and insipid economic growth, young people are taking to the streets to protest the capitalist system that provides their iPods and designer jeans."

 The reason they are not protesting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is because to do that would mean that these kids .. who have always been told how wonderful they are .. would have to admit that they made a mistake.  They would have to take responsibility, and you know how much they must loathe the concept of personal responsibility.  So instead of blaming themselves for putting an incompetent Marxist hack in the White House, or instead of protesting the hack himself, they find a scapegoat: Wall Street.


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