Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's the economy, stupid!

That's the famous line from a Clinton campaign adviser way back when Clinton was running for president.
He was right, it is the economy, that's the number 1 reason to vote or not to vote.

Obama know's he's going to lose unless he can distract the public away from the fact that the economy stinks....

The main stream media is in love with Obama (why, I have no idea). And those old-stream media types are pushing this whole contraceptive debate to distract the public.  

Did you see the debate where George Stephynopolus asked Romney about states doing away with contraceptives?  Romney told him that it was a silly issue because he knows of no states that would do that (good answer!). A month later now we see why George (in bed with Obama) asked that question. They are trying to get the R's to say something stupid so that they can run campaign ads against them, all to distract from the BAD economy.


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