Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We can chart a course forward:

1) Our tone over the next several months must be "more in sorrow than in anger," and yet very, very clear on the consequences of Obama's failed policies;

2) We must emphasize the high real unemployment rate (including the massive numbers of discouraged workers—for everyone knows at least a few of those), along with inflation in such basics as food (and to some degree, gasoline and natural gas), and grave foreign policy concerns such as the threat of a nuclear Iran (skip this part with the militant isolationists and pacifists, please);

3) We must not hesitate to point out that a lot of our news and entertainment comes from "the cocktail circuit," including some very insulated folks in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. who honestly aren't aware of how much suffering is going on throughout the country among working people; and

4) We must be able to connect with people on an emotional level, and ready to point out the real-world results of Obama's anti-industry stance, which has cost jobs all over the country. The money he wasted on Solyndra, for instance, could have produced actual jobs if it had been lent to a viable, productive industry, rather than one created out of whole cloth by eco-idealists.

The next seven months of our lives must focus, rhetorically, on jobs: those we aren't getting because we won't allow energy production on Federal lands; those that were shut down by the "permitorium" in the Gulf of Mexico when the President overreacted to the oil spill in 2010; those that are threatened by the EPA's power grabs.

When you talk to your friends and neighbors, speak the language of inflation and employment.

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