Monday, August 06, 2012

Re: #IDontSupportObama because I'm a rational human being

Cool hastag running now on twitter...
Just off the top of my head for about 30 minutes

 Dphoto Meister @dphotomeister

#IDontSupportObama because he comes from a corrupt Chicago politik

#IDontSupportObama because he told Putin under his breath: Wait until after the election and I'll have a lot more flexibility

#IDontSupportObama because big brother is way too big already

#IDontSupportObama because I'm afraid of what he'll do with 4 more years when he knows he won't have to run for reelection anymore.

#IDontSupportObama because he tells us hardworking people "You didn't build that, somebody else did that"

#IDontSupportObama because he takes credit for killing an old gray bearded guy, but purportedly hates war.

#IDontSupportObama because he doesn't realize he is only a representative of all Americans, not our ruler

#IDontSupportObama because he thinks he is king

#IDontSupportObama because he only knows how to read a telepromter, and choom

#IDontSupportObama because he is clueless

#IDontSupportObama because he promised to get us out of the 2 wars, and we are still there - liar!

#IDontSupportObama because he steals money from workers and gives it to those who refuse to look for work because of 99 weeks unemployment

#IDontSupportObama because he won't balance the budget with huge cuts to a wasteful bureaucracy.

#IDontSupportObama because he prints money thus saddling the next generation with his debt

#IDontSupportObama because he won't admit that government is inefficient, everything is better done by the free market.

#IDontSupportObama because he hates capitalism, the lifeblood of prosperity and the American way

#IDontSupportObama because he plays golf instead of trying to find ways to reduce and streamline the size of government

#IDontSupportObama because he steals from everyone to throw down a union rat hole

#IDontSupportObama because the Democrat party never saw a government program they didn't embrace and fund with my money

#IDontSupportObama because he never had a job in the private sector

#IDontSupportObama because Obama is the antithesis of everything I believe and stand for

#IDontSupportObama because Obama steals my liberty

#IDontSupportObama because he makes Harry Reid tell lies for him

#IDontSupportObama because I'm tired of his condescending ways

#IDontSupportObama because he is a big government leftist

#IDontSupportObama because I support limited government

#IDontSupportObama because he figuratively spits on the constitution

#IDontSupportObama because the Obamacare mandate indeed is unconstitutional despite what 5 liberal supremes said

#IDontSupportObama because Obamacare didn't originate in the house of reps, it started in the Senate as a reconc which is illegal

#IDontSupportObama because he is arrogant and condescending

#IDontSupportObama because he has no interest in fixing the economy, he wasted 2 years on health insurance takeover

#IDontSupportObama because Scott Brown won the election before Obamacare vote, but they broke the rules and didn't swear him in.

#IDontSupportObama because Obamacare was passed by buying the votes of Senators


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