Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moving millions of people from work to welfare is Obama's point

Obamacare Succeeding

In 2008, Barack Obama spoke proudly of the upcoming "fundamental transformation of the nation." Five years and countless policies later, we now know exactly what he meant: moving America away from a society built on individual liberty, the free market, and economic freedom, and toward a government dependency and welfare state. Immediately after Obama was sworn in in 2009, the Left focused immediately on health care, since that was/is the biggest single lever they could use to effect that "fundamental transformation." Health care "reform" was never about health care or health insurance or reform. It was ONLY and ALWAYS about government power and control. If the government controls your health care, the government controls you.

Remember: central to the Left's "fundamental transformation of the nation" are three objectives: 1) grow government as fast and as widespread as possible; 2) get as many people dependent on government as possible; 3) and voila!---create a permanent Democrat voting majority.

Obamacare was always the most critical part of the mission. And now, despite Democrats' complaints about it now catching up with longstanding Republicans' and others' complaints, it is achieving its goal of moving people out of private insurance and into government exchanges (and ultimately forcing pressure to create a single-payer system). And it's achieving its goal of getting people to quit their jobs and become government-dependent. See this study, released this week, indicating nearly 1 million Americans would likely quit their jobs and become ever-more dependent on government: http://www.aei-ideas.org/2013/07/study-obamacare-could-cause-1-million-low-income-americans-to-move-from-work-to-welfare/ . One million is probably a low-ball estimate.

Moving millions of people from work to welfare is, of course, the point. This is the "fundamental transformation of the nation." And it's proceeding apace.


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