Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is Snowden secretly a double agent for O?

Holy Crap! Edward Snowden just showed up via video for Putin's Moscow Q-and-A!

Snowden asks Putin if Russia intercepts phone calls and stores information like the US does

Putin tells Snowden that Russia does not collect or store mass data on it's citizens

VIDEO: Edward Snowden makes surprise appearance at Vladimir Putin press conference

McCain thinks Snowden is working for the Russkies, but maybe he's a double agent for 0bama...

> crazy notions....I can tell you that my blood boils when. I think of the traitorous packs in the past and then in the continuing future of snowden. you not only endangered the security of countless numbers of Americans. but he also exposed law abiding citizens and and humiliated the current administration and past administration and also undermined the effectiveness of our lawful data collection that was specifically designed to protect us

"My blood boils" -- exactly the textbook reaction from the 'sheeple' that the Democrats and many RINOS want, an Alinsky political ploy.


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