Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Keeping score ?

For those keeping score at home, the 2016 race for president pits a corrupt aged white woman on one side (Clinton)...
Against a female former CEO of a Fortune 500 company (Fiorina),
 a brain surgeon who is black (Carson),
 a former TV host and governor (Huckabee),
 the longest serving Governor of Texas (Perry),
 the Indian-American Governor of Louisiana (Jindal),
 and we already have a doctor turned Senator (Paul),
 two Hispanic Senators (Rubio, Cruz),
 and we are waiting on the former Governor of Florida who speaks Spanish and is married to a lovely lady from Mexico (Bush),
 not to mention the very successful Governor of Wisconsin (Walker).
There may be more (NJ Gov Christie, Ohio Gov Kasich, Former PA Sen Santorum, SC Sen Graham)


So why would we ever vote for a corrupt aged white woman of a bygone era with little or no accomplishments telling the nation that to go forward they must go backward?


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