Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Every American Male Nightmare POTUS Scenario

Can you say 'Temperament' kiddies?

Secret Service Agent Said 'Good Morning' To Hillary, Check Out Her Nasty Response

During his interview on Monday's Sean Hannity Show, Gary Byrne told a story that "always bothered him the most" about his time with the Clintons--a polite gesture from a fellow secret service agent that was met with an incredibly nasty response from Hillary.

"We had a uniformed division officer who had been on the job a short period of time, nice guy, top of the line type person," Byrne recalled. The officer, a retired Marine who had received a Purple Heart for wounds he had received in Somalia, crossing paths with the first lady while on-duty.

"He was walking down the west colonnade and he said 'Good morning first lady.' And she looked at him and said 'go f*** yourself.'" Needless to say, the officer was stunned by Hillary's response.

Word quickly spread, and it quickly became clear that it wasn't the first time Hillary had cursed off a Secret Service agent. The incident worked its way up the chain of command.

"It's not that it hadn't happened before, it's just that the way it happened to this guy, when it got up the chain of command and the senior agents found out who this guy was, they felt bad about it," Byrne added.

A lot has been made about the "temperament" of Donald Trump. Does this sound like the temperament of a person you would want anywhere near The White House?

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