Monday, August 22, 2016

Hillary tries to toss black guy under the bus

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has had enough. Since the Hillary Clinton email scandal first surfaced, she and her team of apologists have been bringing up Gen. Colin Powell ….

"Clinton did nothing different than what Colin Powell did," was the constant refrain from Hillary's defenders. Of course, that argument has been completely destroyed by the facts. …

Last Friday, … Hillary raised the stake on her scapegoating of Powell by claiming that Powell gave her the idea to use a private server int he first place.

"Her people have been trying to pin it on me," … "The truth is, she was using [the private email server] for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did," Powell added.
Why does the former diplomat believe this to be the case?
"Why do you think?"

Bus go both ways, Kemosabe


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