Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hillary: Deceit, Debt, & Delusions

Here's the game being played behind the curtain, never to be revealed by Hillary, Yellen, the captured dying legacy media, or anyone beholden to the establishment for their paycheck or bribe:

(1) You keep the lower classes trapped in ghettos, dependent upon welfare scraps provided by the state for their sustenance.

(2) You keep the masses dumbed down and socially stunted through government indoctrination in public schools.

(3) You tax the working class heavily while convincing them piling up consumer debt is the path to happiness.

(4) You bastardize, manipulate and fraudulently reduce the reported level of inflation in order to screw senior citizens out of their Social Security benefits.

(5) You run up the national debt to astronomical levels while making $200 trillion of unfunded welfare promises to future generations.

(6) Since the debt is unpayable, you generate man made real inflation exceeding 5% per year in order to inflate away the debt.

(7) You never speak of this plan while paying your media mouthpieces to distract the populace with electronic bread & circuses.

(8) As a last resort you start World War III to divert attention away from your traitorous actions.

Hillary: Deceit, Debt, & Delusions (Part 2)


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